Hybrid cloud storage

Maximize your operational efficiency for private and public cloud resources.

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Five insights on data protection in the hybrid cloud

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Is your data storage hybrid cloud ready and future-proof?

More organizations are moving toward a hybrid cloud environment to reduce their geographical footprint, reduce costs and protect against data loss in the event of a disaster.

Commvault Distributed Storage is cloud-native, software-defined distributed storage. By providing a single, programmable data fabric spanning workloads, cloud zones/regions, private and public clouds, and storage tiers, your data is under your control and available when you need it.

Distributed storage platform benefits

An elastic solution that allows you to seamlessly scale your storage cluster to thousands of nodes non-disruptively. Start as small as three nodes and dynamically add resources as your requirements evolve across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

The distributed architecture maximizes availability across on-premises and multi-cloud locations, providing fault tolerance against infrastructure failures ranging from a disk to a node, or even a site.

Commvault Distributed Storage allows you to simplify and consolidate your storage infrastructure by supporting block, file, and object storage in a single solution that runs on industry-standard x86 servers. Configure and track your storage using the Commvault Command Center.

How to build the perfect hybrid cloud: Optimizing & transforming data management

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4 ways to get started on your hybrid cloud storage

The question is no longer whether to pursue hybrid cloud storage; it’s how to get started. Our software-defined distributed storage capabilities support these four hybrid cloud solutions:

Openstack landing pad to onboard cloud applications

Portable apps on hybrid cloud

Public clouds as a disaster recovery site

Storing data on private cloud storage, hosted infrastructure

Why wait? Outpace change with Cloud Data Management

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Data agility solved

Hybrid cloud and data agility means the ability to move data not only between a physical location and a single cloud provider, but also between multiple cloud providers. Commvault Distributed Storage has the answer for your needs now and as you expand into your multi cloud strategy.

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