Commvault Trademark Guidelines

These guidelines are for Commvault licensees, authorized resellers, developers, customers, and other parties wishing to use Commvault’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, logos, or images (collectively the “Commvault Marks”).  Although we are generally pleased when a third party wants to discuss Commvault or its products, we are also very protective of the Commvault Marks and goodwill associated with them.  The Commvault Marks are valuable assets of our company and we ask that you strictly adhere to these guidelines whenever you use any of the Commvault Marks.  In addition, use of the Commvault Marks may be prohibited unless expressly authorized.

By using any of the Commvault Marks, in whole or in part, you acknowledge that Commvault is the sole owner of the trademark and promise that you will not interfere with Commvault’s rights in the trademark, including challenging Commvault’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark or similar mark, alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in the world.  You also agree that you will not harm, misuse, or otherwise bring into disrepute any Commvault Marks.  The goodwill derived from using any part of a Commvault trademark exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Commvault.  Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise.  Any use of the Commvault Marks must be accompanied by a notice that clearly indicates that any Commvault Marks used are trademarks of Commvault Systems, Inc.  These guidelines may be modified at any time without additional notice.  A copy of our most current guidelines can be located at

Further, because our Commvault Marks are so valuable to us, use of any Commvault Mark may be prohibited at our sole discretion at any time.  In short, these are our marks and we reserve the right absolutely to control how they are used at all times. 

Trademark Basics

What is a trademark?

  • Trademarks are adjectives or adverbs used to identify the goods and services of an individual or company and serve to distinguish those goods and services from those of another.  By identifying the commercial source of products and services, trademarks assist consumers to identify goods and services which meet the expectations of consumers as to quality and other characteristics.

Why is proper trademark use important?

  • Trademark rights can last indefinitely if the owner continually uses the mark to identify its goods and services. However, if a trademark is not properly used, by either the trademark owner or the public, these valuable trademark rights can be lost forever. We therefore ask that you help us protect our trademark rights by following these guidelines and using the Commvault Marks only as specified.

Rules for Using Commvault Marks

Things to do:

  • Always use the Commvault Marks as adjectives or adverbs only.  Never use a Commvault Mark as a noun or verb.  For example, it would be correct to write “XYZ Company uses Commvault® software for its data protection.”  (Properly used as an adjective modifying software)  It would be incorrect to write “Commvault® is used by XYZ Company for its data protection.” (Improperly used as a noun)
  • Set Commvault Marks apart from the words that they modify. This can be accomplished by capitalizing, italicizing, underlining, or otherwise making the Commvault Mark distinct from the words that it modifies. For example, Commvault® software.  Please refer to Commvault’s Corporate Identity Guide and Style Manual for more information.
  • Always use Commvault Marks with their proper goods or services. Each trademark is identified with a particular good or service. Please use the Commvault Marks chart below to learn more about the goods and services associated with each Commvault Mark. 
  • Also refer to the Commvault Marks chart below for the correct spelling of the trademark, trademark symbol, and generic term to use with each trademark.  The appropriate trademark symbol (™, SM, ®) must be used each time a Commvault trademark appears. This trademark symbol should appear immediately to the right of the trademark and not following the generic term.  For example, “Commvault® software” and not “Commvault software®.” 
  • Always include a notice clearly indicating that any Commvault Marks used are trademarks of Commvault Systems, Inc.

Things not to do:

  • Do not tamper with the appearance of Commvault Marks. Creative license pertaining to Commvault Marks is our business, not yours. In other words (and without limitation), do not remove, shorten, alter, modify, or otherwise change any element of a Commvault Mark. We have worked diligently to create and protect our Commvault image. Please respect our efforts.
  • Do not use Commvault Marks in the plural or possessive form. Commvault Marks should be used exactly as they appear in the Commvault Marks chart below. While the generic term modified by the trademark may be utilized in the plural or possessive form, a trademark should never appear in this format. Thus, you could write “Commvault IntelliSnap® feature’s unique capabilities include…” (generic term properly modified and not the Commvault Mark), but you would not write “Commvault IntelliSnap’s® unique capabilities include…” (improper modification of Commvault Mark and use as a noun).
  • Do not use Commvault Marks in any manner that suggests a Commvault affiliation, sponsorship, or relationship unless you have permission in writing to do so. Commvault Marks should also not be used in a way that they could be reasonably interpreted to give the impression or otherwise suggest that content has been authored by, or represents the views or opinions of Commvault or Commvault personnel.
  • Do not use or imitate any Commvault slogan.
  • Do not use Commvault Marks or any other Commvault-owned graphic, symbol, logo, or icon in a disparaging manner.
  • Do not use or otherwise imitate Commvault’s distinctive packaging, web site design, logos, color combinations, graphic designs, imagery, product icons, or typography.
  • Do not use Commvault Marks in a way that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic meaning.
  • Commvault Marks may not be used in the title of your website or as part of any domain name.
  • Any use of Commvault Marks outside the United States must be approved in writing by Commvault prior to use.

Specific Uses of Commvault Marks

  • Advertising, Promotional, and Sales Materials. Generally, you must have our prior written permission to use Commvault marks commercially.  For example, only Commvault and its authorized resellers and licensees may use the Commvault Marks in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. If you are a Commvault authorized reseller or licensee, your use of the Commvault Marks shall be governed by your reseller agreement or license as appropriate, but in any event this use must be in a manner that is no less stringent than the standards set forth in this Guide.
  • Commvault Logo and Other Graphics. You must have our express written permission to use the Commvault Logo or any other Commvault-owned graphic, symbol, logo, or icon. For example, we may provide such permission in our reseller or technology partner agreements.
  • Web Sites.  Subject to the conditions of these guidelines, you may use appropriate Commvault word Marks (but not the Commvault logo) on Web sites that serve only as noncommercial electronic informational forums concerning a Commvault product or technology. Sorry, but we still do not allow commercial use of Commvault Marks or any use of the Commvault logo without our prior written permission. In addition, the name and logo of the website and its sponsor must appear more prominently than the Commvault trademarks on all materials related to the website. 
  • Links. You may place a text link to a Commvault web page on your site provided that the link is not a prominent feature on your site or used in any manner to mislead consumers.
  • Publications, Seminars, and Conferences. You may reference Commvault word Marks relating to our products and services in periodicals, or in the title of seminars and conferences provided you comply with these guidelines and the following conditions:  
    • The publication, seminar, or conference should relate to the specific Commvault product or service referenced.
    • You must have our written permission to use of our logo or other graphical marks in connection with any publication, seminar, or conference.
    • Your name and logo should appear more prominently than Commvault word Marks on all materials related to the periodical, seminar, or conference.
    • You provide written notice of Commvault’s trademark ownership in any materials provided as described by these guidelines.

Commvault Marks Chart

If you are permitted to use the Commvault Marks, please be sure to properly do so as described in these guidelines and as further set forth in the chart below:

APSS®Computer software; Computer software in systems performance tracking an managementAPSS software; APPS tool
CommCell®Computer hardware and software, particularly computer architectureCommCell® hierarchy CommCell® group, CommCell®architecture
CommNetComputer hardware and softwareCommNet™ software, CommNet™ service manager
CommServe®Computer hardware and softwareCommServe® system, CommServe®database
CommValue®Computer services, web-based portal to provide channel partners with informationCommValue® portal, CommValue® program
Commvault®Computer hardware and softwareCommvault® software
Commvault Command Center™Computer software, software feature or programCommvault Command Center™ dashboard
Commvault GO®Arranging and conducting business conferences; arranging and conducting trade shows; educational servicesCommvault GO® conference
Commvault Systems®Computer software, computer hardware, educational & consulting servicesCommvault Systems® software
Commvault Edge®Computer software, feature or technologyCommvault Edge® technology
Commvault ActivateComputer software, solution or technologyCommvault Activate solution
Commvault AdvantageProgram, offering, technologyCommvault Advantage solution
Commvault Complete
Backup and Recovery
Computer software, technologyCommvault Complete Backup and Recovery solution
Commvault OrchestrateComputer software, technologyCommvault Orchestrate solution
Commvault HyperScaleComputer software, hardware applianceCommvault HyperScale solution
“C Hexagon” Logo®

Computer software, computer hardware, educational & consulting services, computer network security services & compter-related servicesUse of the logo should always carry a ® marking
“C Hexagon” Logo®

Computer software, computer hardware, educational & consulting services, computer network security services & computer-related servicesUse of the logo should always carry a ®marking
“C Hexagon” Logo® and Commvault

Computer software, computer hardware, educational & consulting services, computer network security services & computer-related servicesUse of the logo + Commvault should always carry a ® marking
Edge Drive®Computer software, feature or technologyEdge Drive® technology
“Cube” logo

Computer softwareUse of the logo should carry a ®
GridStor®Computer hardware and softwareGridStor® architecture, GridStor® feature
Hedvig®Computer softwareHedvig® software
InnerVault®Computer software, computer hardware, educational & consulting servicesInnerVault® portal, InnerVault® program
IntelliSnap®Computer software, software featureIntelliSnap® feature
The “M Wave” logo
Computer software and SaaS offeringUse of the logo should carry a ™
Metallic™Computer software and SaaS offeringMetallic™ offering, Metallic™ services
QiNetixComputer hardware and softwareQiNetix software
QRComputer hardware and softwareQR volume, QR storage
Quick Recovery®Computer hardware and softwareQuick Recovery® volume, Quick Recovery®storage
QuickSnapComputer hardware and softwareQuickSnap driver
QSnap®Computer hardware and softwareQSnap® software, QSnap® driver
Recovery Director®Computer hardware and softwareRecovery Director® agent, Recovery Director® module
Commvault OnePassComputer software, software featureCommvault OnePass technology
Singular Information Management®Computer software, computer hardware, educational and consulting services, computer network security services and computer-related servicesSingular Information Management®philosophy, Singular Information Management®® approach
Solving Forward®Computer software and hardwareSolving Forward® solution
Solving Forward®Educational & consulting services, computer network security & computer-related servicesSolving Forward® philosophy, Solving Forward® approach
Vault Tracker®Computer hardware and softwareVault Tracker® agent, Vault Tracker® report
Unified Data Management®Computer hardware and softwareUnified Data Management® solution, Unified Data Management® architecture
Universal Data Plane®Computer softwareUniversal Data Plane® solution

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or you wish to obtain permission regarding use of a specific Commvault Mark, please send an e-mail to Commvault’s Trademark Department at

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