Where lightning-fast application performance meets powerful snapshot protection.

Application-optimized all-flash arrays from Pure Storage accelerate application performance in a highly scalable environment. Commvault’s IntelliSnap technology captures application snapshots more frequently, on a more granular level, so you can meet your recovery point objectives faster and ensure application availability. Now, through our partnership with Pure Storage, you get the best of both worlds ‐ with superior integration of your applications, your FlashStack and FlashArray//m series storage.

Faster data recovery with application-aware snapshots


Commvault IntelliSnap technology takes a modernized approach to data protection by merging Pure Storage hardware snapshots with your backup and recovery process. To provide more frequent, application-consistent recovery points, IntelliSnap integrates tightly with host applications, virtualization platforms and Pure Storage FlashRecover snapshots. As the integration point between the application and storage, IntelliSnap temporarily inactivates applications and orchestrates hardware snapshots without disrupting your operations — and automatically sends the backup data to cloud storage, secondary disk storage or tape.

Unified management for simpler data protection


Commvault software combines snapshot copies, cataloging and replication under one unified platform, dramatically simplifying the way you manage backup and recovery across your enterprise. The entire data lifecycle is handled from a single interface: from initial snapshot creation with indexing, replication and intelligent policy-driven tiering to archiving, e-discovery and retirement. Storage configurations are automatically discovered during every snapshot operation, eliminating the need to reconfigure the software or update scripts every time you add storage to an application.


Robust hardware support for easier data migration


Commvault software provides built-in support for hundreds of different hardware array configurations, including all of the leading flash storage vendors. This means we can help make the difficult process of moving workloads and key application data between legacy hard drives, all-flash arrays and the cloud effortless. With greater data mobility and portability between storage arrays, you benefit from faster time to implementation and a quicker return on investment on your Pure Storage technology.

Superior array-based replication


Create equivalent data copies on storage arrays of the same type — without sacrificing performance or space efficiencies — with array-based replication on Pure Storage flash arrays. By leveraging the native replication ability of the Pure Storage array, Commvault brings application consistency and snapshot creation into the replication process. Only the snapshots are replicated (instead of the entire source volume), with subsequent replication sending only the blocks that have changed since the previous snapshot. This reduces your storage requirements while cutting recovery times to minutes or less — and drives improved copy data access for offsite disaster recovery, dev/ops and other secondary copy uses.

Extensive support for FlashStack converged infrastructure


Commvault also provides data management and protection for Pure Storage FlashStack converged infrastructure. Our software fully integrates with FlashStack and applications to provide full virtual machine lifecycle management, helping you:

  • Achieve service level agreements (SLAs) with confidence — and without overspending when transitioning to new applications of infrastructure.
  • Improve performance by leveraging any infrastructure tier — from primary storage to the cloud — to bring disaster recovery to every application that needs
  • Accelerate test/dev refreshes through self-service resource provisioning and management

Because it’s built and delivered over a single platform, our data protection solution for FlashStack helps you accelerate time to deployment, lower IT costs and minimize implementation risk.

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