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Proactive Cyber Readiness

Data resiliency with advanced preparedness, automated validation and rapid recovery – at scale.

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Streamlined recoverability from the threats of tomorrow

Secure your data estate, minimize cyber threats and simplify business continuity planning and disaster recovery.

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Safe and clean recovery

Be ready with pre-cleansed and validated data, and continuously tested recovery processes.

Hardened data security

Secure-by-design architecture with zero trust access, air-gapped data copies and immutable storage inside.

AI threat awareness

Proactive threat detection and early warning systems so you can take action before compromise.

Orchestrated and validated recoveries

AI- and ML-powered anomaly detection, sensitive file handling and automated forensics for validated recovery points.

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Read how Baptist Health reduces restore times by six times — getting critical data hours sooner.

Commvault® Cloud

Commvault Cloud is the only cyber resilience platform built to meet the demands of the hybrid enterprise at the lowest TCO. Enabling true, cloud data security wherever your data lives, advanced AI and automation capabilities, and rapid, massive-scale recovery from one pane of glass.

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Metallic AI

Metallic AI is the engine that powers Commvault Cloud. It leverages a powerful mix of ML and automation to turn the tables on attackers.

how we do it

Our approach to cyber recovery

Purpose-built to secure, defend and recover any workload – from any location, to any location – all from a single pane of glass.

Cyber preparedness

Analyze suspicious files for recovery in isolated networks.  

Clean recovery

Get end-to-end data encryption – with clean recovery points to prevent reinfection.

Intelligent and scalable workload recovery 

An extensible platform gives you coverage for file systems, SaaS apps, databases, VMs, cloud-native apps and endpoints.

Flexible replication 

Reduce operational costs with hot and warm site recoveries.


Mask data, slow down attacks and divert bad actors from real resources and data.

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Commvault® Auto Recovery

Minimize the impact of data threats across all workloads and ensure business continuity with automated cyber and disaster recovery.

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Solution BRIEF

Cyber Threat Protection and Recovery

Minimize the risk of threat occurrences and help accelerate your recovery efforts in the event an attack does get through.

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Solution brief

A to Z Cyber Resilient

Commvault ransomware protection and recovery has your organization covered from air gap to Zero Trust.