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Readiness & Response

Achieve cyber resilience with predictable, rapid, and scalable recovery – at the best TCO.

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Securing data against tomorrow’s threats

Outpace ransomware and sophisticated cyberthreats. With Commvault’s cyber resilience framework you get trusted security and data resiliency, proven to anticipate risk, reduce damage and keep businesses running.

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Reduce exposure and attacks

Don’t gamble with your data security. Commvault delivers proven cybersecurity resilience that actively defends your hybrid business and your data, wherever it lives.

Trusted security

Hardened security that meets the industry’s most stringent confidentiality, availability, and access standards.

Active defense

Unrivaled threat detection and response with alerting and multilayered defense.

Reliable recovery

Cyber recovery to limit data exposure, reduce downtime and drive business continuity at scale.

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Read how Commvault® Cloud Autonomous Recovery secures the BMA’s core applications and information to help doctors deliver excellent patient care.

The Commvault® Cloud Platform

Commvault Cloud is the only cyber resilience platform built to meet the demands of the hybrid enterprise at the lowest TCO. Enabling true, cloud data security wherever your data lives, advanced AI and automation capabilities, and rapid, massive-scale recovery from one pane of glass.

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Metallic AI

Metallic AI is the engine that powers Commvault Cloud. It leverages a powerful mix of ML and automation to turn the tables on attackers.

How we do it

Early warning

Detect threats in production environments – before encryption, exfiltration, or damage can occur.

Data security posture management

Proactively find and remediate data risks to limit exposure and improve your security posture.

Smart insights

Achieve true cyber resilience with deep security analytics, AI-driven automation and built-in logic for amplified defense and recoverability.

Clean recoveries

Ransomware-free recovery points for clean data restoration.

Layered security

Safeguard data to its core with a secure-by-design, immutable and zero trust architecture.

Security ecosystem

Seamless integrations with leading security providers accelerate your resilience and response.

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Commvault® Risk Analysis

Identify sensitive data, assign classifications and define automated policies to ensure your data is secure and managed correctly.

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Commvault® Threat Scan

Learn how operations teams can take control and defend their backup data by proactively identifying malware threats to avoid reinfection during recovery.

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Commvault® Backup and Recovery

Explore a single, intuitive platform that provides complete backup and recovery of all workloads – on-prem and in the cloud.