What’s New in Commvault Platform Release 2023e?

Commvault Platform Release 2023e is our latest release and is packed with innovative new products and services for organizations that need a more proactive approach to protecting their data in an ever-changing threat landscape. This semi-annual release delivers enhanced detection, security, and recovery capabilities to actively secure, defend, and recover data broadly across production and backup environments.

See below for more details on some of the new capabilities in this release – and sign up for our communities as we’ll be highlighting more features available in Platform Release 2023e in the coming weeks!

Commvault Risk AnalysiS

Identify, analyze, manage, and secure sensitive files

  • Reduce risk by identifying and classifying sensitive files
  • Fix permissions on overexposed sensitive data
  • Meet compliance regulations around data

Commvault Threat Scan

Analyzes backup data to find encrypted or corrupted files

  • Identify potential threats earlier and respond faster
  • Reduce guesswork and lower RTOs
  • Avoid malware reinfection

Commvault Auto Recovery

Complete cyber recovery and business continuity, both on-premises and in the cloud

  • Recovery orchestration with one-click recovery
  • Recovery validation to continuously validate backups, demonstrate recovery readiness
  • Reduce recovery time with sub-minute RPOs and near-zero RTOs

Commvault Cloud Command

Global visibility and actionable insights across SaaS, cloud, and on-premises

  • Consolidated view of backup operations to ensure readiness when disaster strikes
  • Improve security and reduce risks using data-driven analysis and insights
  • Simplified storage, licensing, and service reporting

Commvault SecurityIQ

Security-focused dashboards providing advanced tools and insights to enhance backup security posture

  • Spot risks and vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Limit exposure to cyber threats at scale through best practices recommendations
  • Reduce Security Complexity and continuously improve security posture
  • Provide accountability and evidence for compliance purposes

Bidirectional SIEM/SOAR Integrations

Expanded integration support for Microsoft Sentinel and Palo Alto XSOAR improves collaboration and reduces incident response time with automated orchestration

  • Faster and more effective incident response with enhanced automation and orchestration capabilities
  • Combined insights and visibility from data protection and security platforms improve internal collaboration and overall security posture
  • Reduced manual effort with a single interface for handling security events

Dynamic Credential Management with CyberArk®

Minimize the risk of stored credentials for workload protection, allowing organizations to securely manage credentials within CyberArk

  • Significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access or credential exposure with credential rotation and ‘just in time’ access
  • Separate the storage and management of credentials to adhere to strong zero-trust architecture practices
  • Deploy rigorous lifecycle credential policies to align with internal and industry compliance regulation

FedRAMP High in Process

Commvault SaaS services are FedRAMP High In Process, meeting the US government’s most stringent protocols

New – Available with Commvault Metallic

  • Peace of mind to reap the benefits of cloud adoption
  • SaaS services that meet stringent security standards
  • Simple, flexible, and secure migration to the cloud

HyperScale X™ Expansion Optimization

Optimized cluster expansion process to create a non-disruptive experience

  • Increased cluster uptime with no backup pause, which maintains RPO/RTOs
  • Improved/simplified experience reduces potential errors and manual support requirements
  • Faster expansion of HyperScale X clusters by simplifying the process

AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Protection

Protect and recover Amazon VPCsettings across all regions and accounts, enabling recovery in the event of disaster, accident, or cyber incident

  • Protect Amazon EC2 network configurations, reducing misconfiguration downtime
  • Maintain security posture during recovery (Security Groups and Network ACLs)
  • Reduce troubleshooting, auditing, and forensic analysis time after attacks

Fault Tolerant Object Storage Protection

Improved multi-node architecture for large datesets to meet RPOs and RTOs for multi-PB scale

  • Experience higher availability while benefiting from more streams to move data faster
  • Ensure customer RTO and RPO requirements are met
  • Comply with financial industry regulations demands

AWS Graviton-powered Sustainable Protection

Commvault now supports ARM-based access nodes for AWS

  • Helps to meet shared sustainability goals by reducing carbon footprint with improved price/watt for compute
  • Lowers costs by up to 40% for access nodes
  • Provides support for additional ARM-based workloads