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3 Benefits to Using Remote Managed Services

Top Considerations to Simplify Your Data Management with Trusted Experts

Organizations are embracing managed service-type options for data protection and management, realizing they simply do not have the internal resources and budgets to integrate the rapid changes in technical advances. It’s an evolution, not a revolution, as enterprises let go of internal control over some functions, to free up resources to focus on improving overall business value. Part of this evolution is remote managed services, gaining popularity as a means of using external resources to more efficiently monitor and manage data protection capabilities, such as backup, recovery, and archiving.

3 Benefits for Using Remote Managed Services

According to Gartner, “versatility will be the order of the day in the digital age. IT personnel will need more people-centric and business-centric skills than in the past. Digital technologies have an impact much closer to people and business goals than does traditional IT.”1 We believe this draws the conclusion that CIOs and their teams need to take a close look at their IT culture, as well as their service and vendor management, to effectively drive innovation. “As the needs change, the skills will change, and with the change will come better variability.”

IT cannot rely on traditional methods as the digital world swirls around it. The demands on IT staff are already overwhelming, so it makes sense to consider alternative resources, such as remote managed services, to drive operational excellence and use internal resources more effectively.

Adding business value also means keeping your eye on the customer prize. To improve your competitive position in the market, would it help to free up staffing time to focus more on strategic priorities? Remote managed services enable enterprises to offload some of the day-to-day functions of data management to providers with deep technical knowledge and expertise so IT and the executive suite can focus on their core business.

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Deploying Remote Managed Services

In evaluating whether remote managed services might be a better alternative for your internal data management teams, you should consider the following:

  1. Increased flexibility to respond to technology changes. A key software provider offering Remote Managed Services will enable you to get ahead of software upgrades and updates by installing these as appropriate, and also recommending infrastructure updates to ensure service level achievement. This continual optimization of your data management environment will give you the confidence that you can better serve your external stakeholders.
  2. Better return on investment. The best software in the market is rarely fully utilized. IT will use what it needs to accomplish critical tasks but adoption of new features and functionality often can take a back seat to the day-to-day demands of data management and reporting. Managed services provide better software ROI by providing the deep expertise needed to employ new features while simplifying your environment without adding to IT staffing loads.
  3. Improved recovery times. Data loss and costly downtime remain troublesome issues for IT managers. Remote managed services can help mitigate such risks by proactively managing the software environment to achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes such as RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

Some organizations prefer to have their data management environments run by dedicated third parties to free up their IT staffs and resources for company tasks – the Commvault offering provides this option for us and our customers”

Tim Nedom, Senior Solutions Consultant
Integrated Archive Systems
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Managing Your Outcomes with Confidence

Rather than managing the details that consume an inordinate amount of IT time, remote managed services enable you to manage outcomes such as the desired recovery times for critical data and applications. Moving more operations to the cloud, or addressing the proliferation of multi-platform mobile endpoints are examples of strategic initiatives that IT executives and managers can now focus on to improve their competitive advantage and free themselves from the time consuming details that are best handled remotely.

Using IT resources more efficiently and improving data protection through managed services also improves the customer experience. The next time a customer needs to recover mission critical data quickly, you can rest easy knowing that your data management environment is working as it should based on the outcomes you defined. This helps you meet or even exceed your customer’s expectations.

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Putting Managed Services to Work

For leading data management software providers, offering remote management capabilities is a logical step. As customers adopt new technologies to align and meet the needs of their business with cloud, virtualization, deduplication, search and replication technologies, remote managed services enable IT leaders to focus on core business priorities and maximize their return on their data protection investment.

By giving customers the ability to focus on their strategic priorities while meeting service levels for data management, remote managed services increase flexibility through continuous solution optimization, installation, and configuration to maximize the total return on investment for your software solutions and IT staff resources.

Remote managed services address IT leaders’ demand for a service-oriented, SLA-based approach to data management, entrusting management and monitoring to a dedicated organization that supports data protection software in any type of environment, including customer data centers, branch offices, or third-party hosting center environments.

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The Managed Services Option

Remote managed services offer you the flexibility to optimize your limited IT resources, simplify the delivery of data protection services, and maximize your investment in your data protection software. This enables you to focus on more strategic initiatives while giving you the trust and confidence you need that service levels are being met.

Services Brief: Commvault Remote Managed Services

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  1. Gartner, "Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond: Pace Yourself, for Sanity's Sake," September 29, 2017
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