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An IT department
wake-up call

A call for change

Companies need to change the way they manage their data and equip their IT departments if they want to achieve remarkable results from using data.


of IT executives and other personnel say their company is well prepared to migrate data to the cloud


say their companies are prepared for a project that involves bringing together all of the organization’s data


say they are well prepared to counteract ransomware

What drives your business?

Survey respondents place the importance of data well beyond business elements like customer service, corporation reputation and high earnings.

Better data collection and management:


New tools to analyze increasingly sophisticated data:


Employees who are well trained in data science and analytics:


High quarterly earnings:


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Expectation, meet reality


of executives believe their IT department is prepared to innovate



of IT workers believe they’re prepared


Panic in the C-suite


of IT staff members believe their executives would be "concerned, anxious or panicked" if they knew what staffers knew

Clock Work

Mind the time gap

Percentage of time IT workers spend on preparing for innovation:


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Where’s the data?

Businesses are not in position to make full use of their data. Around the world, IT executives and staff members say their decision-makers don’t have access to the data they need.

Percentage of company data available to fuel key decisions:

North America

Late bloomers

Percentage of executives and personnel describe their technology stack as “sophisticated”:


Servers Chek

Expanding digital investment

Average Fortune 500 CIO pay increase since 2015:



Amount of at-risk portion of overall CIO compensation tied to corporate and technology goals:


Lighting bolt

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Developing data expertise

It takes a data expert to drive digital transformation — and to get there, IT personnel believe they need more training and new skill sets.

Percentage of average IT workers who believe more training is required to deal with issues facing their organization:


Percentage of concerned IT workers who believe more data and software training is needed:



Only data experts survive

IT executives clearly prioritize data. They know their organization’s future depends on their use of data; they rank it as a high priority. But only a third prioritize helping employees use new tools and preparing the company to better use data. There is a clear disconnect between what IT staff want — training — and what executives are prioritizing.

To be a change agent for digital transformation, every IT worker must be a data expert.

Executive Findings, Poll with IT Executives and IT Personnel. Quadrant Strategies, 31 Oct. 2017

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