Connections on the Road 2023 – Bangalore

Video Descriptions

1. Marco Fanizzi SVP and GM of Commvault International
Connections on the Road: Bangalore – Keynote: Ready to innovate for the future? You just need to remove complexity, fend off incoming threats, and do more with less. In this session, SVP and GM of Commvault International, Marco Fanizzi, explores how simplifying your environment, going on the offensive, and embracing cloud data management will help you innovate with confidence.

2. Powerplay Session with Javagal Srinath – Getting the Inside Edge w/ data-led innovation!
Data changes everything. From space to farm fields, hospitals to hotels, and banking to sports, data is driving innovation and helping break new barriers. Cricket is no different and has evolved into a global multi-billion-dollar business. Former ace Indian speedster Javagal Srinath describes data innovations that helped transform the gentleman’s game.

3. Power Session: Hitachi Vantara and Commvault – Next-Gen Infrastructure and Data Protection Platform

4. Fireside Chat: The Modern CIO’s Journey to the Cloud – A Commvault Customer Interview
No two clouds (or cloud journeys) are the same. As your organization embraces the cloud, you must still manage your critical data regardless of where it resides. Learn from a customer CIO why the right data protection solution is your ticket to effective hybrid cloud adoption – without performance issues or vendor

5. Connections on the Road: Bangalore- Roadmap session
Learn about the future of our Intelligent Data Services across our enterprise software, integrated solution, and Metallic® SaaS offerings. Discover Commvault’s plans to address the top data management challenges we hear about from customers – including multi-cloud resilience, security, and automation.

6. Connections on the Road: Bangalore – Breakout 1: Defending against Ransomware
Is your organization prepared for a cyberattack? Learn about a future-proof ransomware strategy and a robust solution to monitor, protect, and recover your data. Discover how a Zero Loss Strategy will help you gain visibility across your data and respond faster in the event of an attack.

7. Connections on the Road: Bangalore- Breakout 2: Modernizing Data Management
Discover how to benefit in security and savings with Commvault’s Metallic® DMaaS and help keep pace with digital transformation initiatives.

8. Connections on the Road: Bangalore- Breakout 3: Efficiently manage your data
This session unpacks how Commvault can help set up organizations for success by reining in data sprawl, reducing your corporate attack surface, and optimizing cost-effectiveness.