Communique Trusts Commvault and NEC Corporation for their Customers’ Data

Partnering with NEC to bring efficient Commvault backup solutions to SMB market while modernizing backup and recovery internally


  • Each engineer taking care of their domain’s backups with no consistency or cross-team access
  • No rollup or understanding of backup TCO to identify inefficiencies or escalating costs
  • Lack of a single Hybrid cloud solution due to lack of backup services and fragmented backup vendors


  • Commvault Backup and Recovery for agile, granular and flexible backup and recovery Hybrid Cloud environments including SaaS providers
  • NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® BACKUP & RECOVER, built on Commvault software and NEC infrastructure including HYDRAstor® for consistency across deployments


  • Reduced data backup time by 10X and large data set restores from days to hours
  • Consistent backups run using centrally managed policies to ensure protection and close gaps
  • Reduced cloud storage consumed by backup solution through deduplication at 86% and overall management overhead by 5 hours/month
  • Improved, responsive support and expert guidance through deployment and ongoing tuning
  • Enhanced security for customer and sensitive data incorporating safe storage in Iron Mountain® data centers




Thousand Oaks, CA, USA


In numbers

  • 400 active customers
  • 2-2000 customer lines served

Key assets protected

  • Corporate data sets
  • Salesforce®
  • Windows® files
  • Customer’s Telephony database backups and programming records

The backup environment

  • Commvault Backup and Recovery
  • Iron Mountain data centers

Seeking an effective data backup solution they could confidently sell to customers

Communique Sales saw its customers embracing cloud-based services, driven by a desire to replace legacy systems. Backup solutions are also a target for modernization, creating a new business opportunity for Communique. As an NEC Smart Partner Program member, Communique expanded its portfolio to include NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® BACKUP & RECOVER, a cloud-based, managed solution for backup and disaster recovery (DR) built on Commvault technology. To develop experience with the offering, Communique sought to deploy in-house first. At the time, each engineer was responsible for their domain’s backup, creating a hodgepodge of poorly supported solutions (including IDrive®). This meant no visibility into consumption or cost, and no consistency in data protection strategy. Modernizing their backup was an opportunity to centralize and streamline.

10X reduced data backup time

Reduced large data set restoration time from days to hours

Increased storage efficiency and reduced cloud consumption with 86% deduplication rates

A modern backup solution to support a long-term partnership

NEC developed its NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® BACKUP & RECOVER solution by building on Commvault software and NEC infrastructure. The NEC solution is fully managed and consumed through the NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® CLOUD, allowing the Communique team to focus on expanding their deployment and fine tuning their backup services to get it exactly where they want it—all with NEC’s guidance and support. “The setup was much easier than I expected. We experienced a substantial data loss due to unforeseen access to our systems, within a month of setting up the service. NEC Support technicians assisted us to restore the data within an hour,” shared Bob Fudurich, President and CEO of Communique Sales. And with the NEC management portal, proactive alerts and regular reporting keep Communique armed with the visibility they need to monitor the service.

“We were shocked by how little storage space is required by Commvault, and backups are finishing much faster.”

– Bob Fudurich, President and CEO | Communique Sales

“I’d been concerned about our old backup strategy for a while and needed something that fit our budget. Commvault and NEC completely satisfied our requirements.”

– Bob Fudurich, President and CEO | Communique Sales

Fast and easy deployment leading to undeniable positive results

In one day, Communique went live in testing the solution and within three months went to full production with the new Commvault-based solution in partnership with NEC. The company was pleasantly surprised by the deduplication rates of greater than 84%. That plus other features like data compression resulted in far less storage capacity required by the Commvault platform. Communique also reduced overall costs and improved sales efficiency by redeploying internal backup resources to customer success efforts, and shortened data backup times to minutes and large data set restores from days to hours. The company could even recover missing data from nearly 30 days prior— a task with variable outcomes in the past due to inconsistent backup policies. Communique looks forward to offering these efficient solutions to their customers.

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