Data management delivering freedom of choice: Commvault and Fujitsu®

Commvault HyperScale™ Software with Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers

A strong partner is an invaluable asset. Life and work can be more enjoyable and successful with a partner that you trust. We realize you want choice and have preferred hardware partners you have standardized on within your environment. Now you can leverage that freedom of choice and extend it to your secondary storage. Through Commvault’s Validated Reference Design Program and partnering with Fujitsu, you can implement a robust data management solution. By integrating Fujitsu storage servers and Commvault HyperScale Software, Commvault ensures you have the right infrastructure in place, so you are ready to better manage, protect, and use your data.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY® servers

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers drive IT transformation in the data center. They represent a well-suited platform for Commvault HyperScale Software to expand and transform capabilities for customers in today’s evolving software-defined world. PRIMERGY servers deliver more than 20 years of development and production know-how, resulting in extremely low failure rates below market average, which leads to continuous operations and outstanding hardware availability. Fujitsu storage servers have several options to ensure that the acquisition, deployment, management and support are streamlined.

Commvault HyperScale Software with Reference Design

With Commvault HyperScale Software, you can build a unified, modern data management platform that delivers greater services on-premises. By building these services on a scale-out infrastructure and leveraging Commvault’s Validated Reference Design Program, you’ll realize these benefits through greater software and hardware integration:

  • Eliminate complexity and time-consuming steps of identifying, testing and optimizing the configuration for data management
  • Simplify management with a single, easy-to-use graphical user interface for software and hardware
  • Reduce capital expenditures by leveraging your existing hardware partner agreement and provide greater standardization
  • Easily scale to petabytes of data without incurring costly or complex forklift upgrades
  • Know what to expect with predictable performance, costs and economics that align to your data growth
  • Streamline operations and infrastructure by consolidating and replacing proprietary secondary storage or legacy purpose-built backup appliances
  • Transform the data center to be as efficient, resilient and scalable as public cloud infrastructure

More important, this architecture, which extends natively into public cloud, allows enterprises to offer consistent sets of services to all workloads running on-premises, in hybrid clouds, or in multi-cloud environments.

Commvault Validated Reference Design Program for Commvault HyperScale Software

Solution brief

Working with industry-leading technology partners for the compute and storage is easier and delivers a more robust solution.