Customer Success 360 – Technical Account Management

Unlock the real value of your investment in your Commvault data management platform with a Technical Account Manager

At Commvault we know that data is critical to the success of your business. Your Commvault data management solution is a strategic investment that enables your business to simplify how you manage that data and unlock the value of your data. Getting the most from your data management platform is essential and critical to maintaining optimal business health and competitiveness.

Commvault’s Technical Account Management Program is designed to assist your team in developing and implementing strategies to achieve these successful outcomes. Your Customer Success 360 Technical Account Manager (TAM) is part of a global team of experienced industry professionals who will work with your team and business goals to help ensure your data management strategy continues to align with your evolving business and technical requirements.

Consultative and strategic

The TAM will become your Commvault trusted advisor and your primary Commvault data management consultant. Armed with a solid technical background and an understanding of your business needs, their goal is to enable your team to get the most value from your Commvault investment. They’ll provide insight and guidance to help determine which data management options work best to address your specific requirements – whether it’s helping launch new projects, understanding specific challenges, or addressing your unique business and environmental limitations.

Your TAM partners with all the Commvault teams that support you, including Customer Success 360 team members, the Commvault account team, engineering, education services, support and more. The TAM provides a level of confidence to your organization, ensuring that business strategies remain aligned and objectives are met now and in the future.

Continuous improvement

With a deep understanding of your environment, your TAM can – in conjunction with your Support Account Manager (SAM) – recommend best practices and deliver enhanced issue resolution. They’ll also provide proactive environment management along with technical recommendations that help ensure that outcomes are optimized to your unique requirements. The result? A streamlined approach to your Commvault data management environment for better business outcomes and reduced operational risk. With a Commvault TAM, you can be confident that your Commvault deployment is aligned to the unique objectives of your business, both now and into the future.

Program highlights

  • A trusted advisor who will take the time to understand your unique environment and business challenges and align your Commvault data management platform to meet those requirements
  • A primary advocate within the Commvault engineering and products teams
  • Ongoing advice and pragmatic strategies for continued optimization and improvement
  • Best practices guidance to help reduce both the number and criticality of service level-impacting incidents
  • Customized business reviews and recommendations that address the unique objectives of your business
  • Technology alignment to key business objectives
  • Remote and on-site coverage

Want more information on Commvault’s Customer Support 360 program?

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