Demo – Cleanroom Recovery

Cleanroom Recovery to Recover Data from a Secure Cloud Environment 

Malware is a growing threat in today’s digital landscape. It is no longer limited to just data. Still, it can also infect hardware’s firmware and the BIOS, making it incredibly difficult to recover and restore systems to a clean state fully. This is where Commvault’s Cloud Cleanroom Recovery comes in, offering a solution that allows for quick and reliable recovery with clean data and infrastructure. 

This unique capability has caught the attention of major companies like Microsoft, with whom Commvault has partnered to deliver this service.  

What exactly is Cleanroom Recovery, and how does it work? 

Cleanroom Recovery is a feature offered by Commvault that allows data and applications to be recovered in a clean and secure environment. It is beneficial for testing recovery processes and performing production recoveries for critical applications and data. The process involves creating a new cleanroom environment in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, and recovering data and applications to this location. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Cleanroom Recovery works. Look at the demo video above and follow the Commvault Cloud dashboard walk-through. Users can navigate to the home page and click “Auto Recovery,” then select “Recovery Groups.” Here, users can see a list of all the locations set up for recovery. To add a new location, click “Create” and give the new recovery group a name. In this example, we’ll call it “FinApps Azure” and select the location in Azure, specifically in the US West region. 

Once the group has been created, users can add VMs (virtual machines) for a specific application or data set. For example, if we want to recover all the VMs for a finance application called “FinApp,” we can add them to this recovery group. Users also have the option to add or remove VMs from the default list. 

Users can start the Cleanroom Recovery process once the necessary VMs have been added by clicking “Submit.” This initiates the recovery process, which takes place in the cleanroom environment in Azure. It’s worth noting that users only pay for this environment when it is needed for recovery, making it a cost-effective solution. 

How can I see that my recovered data is secure in Microsoft Azure? 

Once the process is complete, users can see the successful Cleanroom Recovery in Azure, with all the recovered data and applications in a clean and secure state. This eliminates any malware or other threats, providing peace of mind for businesses and organizations. 

In conclusion, malware is a constantly evolving threat that can cause significant damage to data and systems. However, with Commvault’s Cloud Cleanroom Recovery, organizations can recover quickly and reliably with clean data and infrastructure. In partnership with Microsoft, this unique capability offers a cost-effective and secure solution for businesses to protect their critical data and applications. 

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