Connections on the Road 2023 – London

Video Descriptions

1. Jason Gerrard, SE Director, Commvault
Connections on the Road London – Data Management Challenges + Roadmap
With growing data footprints, increased risk, cyberattacks, and widening skill shortages, today’s businesses need solutions that protect their data and give them the flexibility to manage today’s challenges and tomorrow’s innovations.

2. Connections on the Road London – Don’t Wait for Ransomware
Is your organization prepared for a cyberattack? Learn about a future-proof ransomware strategy and a robust solution to monitor, protect, and recover your data. Discover how a Zero Loss Strategy will help you gain visibility across your data and respond faster in the event of an attack.

3. Connections on the Road London – Proactive Protection
Data protection starts before you’re compromised, not at the point of recovery. In this session, we’ll uncover how Commvault’s early warning capabilities safeguard data from zero-day ransomware attacks and malicious insiders sooner – so you can reduce risk, respond faster, and minimize the need to recover.