The reality of ransomware – is your data recovery ready?

Ransomware knows no boundaries. It can strike regardless of company size or location. And the stakes are higher than ever – lost revenue, data leaks, bad publicity, skyrocketing costs and the list goes on. Ransomware even drives companies out of business. You need to be ready before you get hit.

Today’s IT leaders are challenged with…Commvault addresses with…
.. knowing and protecting data wherever it is; on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments … understanding where your data is and how to recover it across your
… ensuring data availability and mitigating threats, including
.. safeguarding data, ensuring speed and scope of recovery, and
preserving company reputation
… managing diverse data types and priorities across multiple platforms … providing comprehensive DR across environments with rapid recovery and confidence

The ransomware discussion doesn’t have to be scary. You need to be ready to mitigate the risk of it and recover quickly after an attack. With Commvault, you can have the confidence and trust to store, protect, manage and use your data and applications, before, through and beyond ransomware attacks.

Commvault: Unparalleled ransomware recovery readiness

A single, integrated platform with centralized policy management, control, analytics and reporting for data management across on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.
AAA Security Framework for intelligently controlling who has access to resources, their level of access, auditing events and usage and enforcing policies for effective Commvault management and security.
Utilizing protection against ransomware and monitoring using historic data and machine learning algorithms to detect unusual file system behavior, and hidden files to monitor and detect signature changes.
Isolating backup data and applying air gapping techniques to limit accessibility and reduce the attack surface and risk.
Automating policies, orchestrating data movement and self-service capabilities to streamline restore operations and simplify administration.
Choice of flexible backup and restore options to make copies available to systems and users quickly, so you can resume normal business operations.
Test and verify that data, applications and systems are ready for restore and within Service Level Agreements without interrupting business operations.

Opportunity and risk— that’s the reality for businesses today and for the people responsible for the data. A single event can threaten the bottom line or define a career. So how do you prepare? By making sure you’re ready.

According to a LogicMonitor, IT Outage Impact study,
96% experienced at least one outage in the past three years. (1)

Your 5-step plan to protect against ransomware

A complete ransomware strategy includes both reducing the risk of a successful attack and lessening the impact of an attack that does succeed. Broadly speaking, there are five things you should do:

Your 5-step plan to protect against ransomware

Leading organizations choose Commvault for true recovery readiness

The State of Colorado used the Commvault platform to recover quickly and fully from a major ransomware attack against its Department of Transportation. In fact, the State first learned of the attack through a Commvault alert – before any of its dedicated security tools had detected the breach. A coordinated response plan across agencies, personnel and technologies statewide helped immeasurably.
The City of Sparks, Nev., was hit with ransomware that locked its police department shared files and left crucial geographic data inaccessible by agencies across the city. In the past, unreliable backups had raised fears of data corruption, but with Commvault the city achieved complete data recovery in only 12 hours

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1 LogicMonitor, IT Outage Impact Study: A global analysis of IT downtime and its impact on businesses, 2019 Report.

Ransomware protection

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