Does your data protection really
understand ransomware?

Cyberthreats – like ransomware – are global businesses staffed by malicious actors, state-sponsored hackers, and criminal syndicates looking to exploit any weakness. And business is booming, considering that approximately 66% of businesses have experienced cyberattacks over the past 12 months. Yet, while many companies boast ransomware panaceas and their unique ability to solve these security problems, it is not so cut and dry.

The answer is not more bolt-on tools, which add more security gaps and ultimately bring more risk to your business.
Commvault’s integrated data protection platform is essential for shielding companies from ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats. It simplifies the management process so IT and security teams can concentrate on more strategic initiatives while still guaranteeing maximum protection against malicious actors.

By leveraging Commvault’s data protection platform, organizations can stay ahead of modern cyberthreats to anticipate and reduce risk, minimize exposure, and ensure their organization’s continuity.

Take your data security to the next level with Commvault