Commvault® Cloud Platform Overview

Cyber Resilience Platform to Meet the Demands of Hybrid Enterprises 

The hybrid world is here to stay. With data spread across multiple clouds, workloads, and countless locations, the threat of cyber attacks and ransomware is ever-present. It’s a chaotic and overwhelming situation. But what is the solution? Some say data security; others say data protection, cyber security, or secure backup. While these may seem like different approaches, they all revolve around the same concept. 

A solution that starts before a cyber attack — and never ends 

It’s time for something new. Introducing Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI. This innovative cyber resilience platform is specifically designed to meet the demands of the hybrid enterprise. It allows you to not only see your data but also manage and recover it from any location with the simplicity, speed, and scale of the cloud. Commvault Cloud cuts through the chaos by securing all your data with enterprise-grade resiliency at cloud scale, unlike other so-called cloud solutions that require additional appliances, adding complexity, risk, and costs.   

For the first time, you can see all your data, protect it, and recover it from any location to any location. This is made possible by the power of Metallic AI, which automates many aspects of your security. This means you can predict threats faster, receive early warnings, provide cleaner backups, and accelerate recovery times while maintaining the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).  

How does Commvault Cloud protect against ransomware? 

One of the most pressing concerns in today’s digital landscape is the threat of ransomware. Commvault Cloud addresses this issue by providing automated risk governance that categorizes sensitive data and actively remediates risks. However, the ultimate defense against ransomware is a clean and rapid recovery. Commvault Cloud is the only platform that continually verifies your backups are air-gapped, immutable, and clean, allowing you to recover from any location to any location at an unprecedented petabyte scale. 

Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI, truly is the cure for chaos. By providing a comprehensive and advanced cyber resilience solution, it empowers businesses to protect their data and recover it quickly and efficiently. In a world where data is constantly under threat, having a reliable and efficient platform like Commvault Cloud is essential for any organization. So why settle for chaos when you can have the cure? 

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