Ransomware protection

You've seen the headlines – organizations with their data held hostage and payouts to perpetrators to restore it. With new strains of ransomware and other malware threats on the rise, your enterprise and customer data is continually at risk despite steps you’ve taken.

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Ransomware and Rapid Data Recovery in City of Sparks

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Maintaining business continuity is a top priority

Can you gain access to your data – no matter what? You need to ensure your data is always available in an increasingly complex environment. You’re managing more endpoints and applications, with more potential points of attack and risk. You also may have moved substantial data to the cloud. But if your cloud provider sees you as a lower-priority customer, you could wait weeks for it to be recovered after a breach. And without quickly knowing what data was involved in an incident, you can’t notify those impacted in a timely, compliant way.

Reduce ransomware threats and risks to data from end to end


Assess readiness for multiple attack scenarios against endpoints, applications and backup infrastructure.

Reduce Exposure

Reduce threats from poor practice, misconfigurations and incomplete preparedness to reduce attack vectors.


Bring back systems to the last-known good state, as quickly as possible to minimize damage from attacks.

Ransomware: Protect your data or pay the price

What you can do with Commvault’s single, integrated Data Recovery solution

With Commvault, you’ll have an end-to-end solution that improves threat and risk mitigation across all endpoints and applications while providing you with greater confidence in data backup, recovery, and compliance.

React faster, improve compliance and reduce errors

Ransomware alerts

Be alerted to potential ransomware/ malware attacks, so you can quickly react and ensure minimal impact to users and businesses.

Gain reporting visibility

Gain the visibility needed for proactive compliance management and timely incident remediation and reporting.

Reduce human error

Train users to practice security best practices and employ endpoint protection to restrict external software and downloads

Mitigate threats before, during and after malicious events

Resilient architecture

With Commvault’s resilient architecture, you’ll have a security-focused platform to recover from a diverse array of malicious, compliance and user-based risks.

Reliable recovery

Thanks to reliable disaster recovery, you’ll minimize productivity, financial and legal impacts by swiftly returning users, systems and the business to productive operations.

Insightful analytics

Leveraging insightful analytics, you’ll easily monitor entire data pool, risk profile and compliance status with alerts, dashboards and reports.

Keep your data safe and business moving

End-user systems

Provide backup protection – regardless of risk type or source.

Enterprise infrastructure

Ensure quick, reliable and scalable recovery of data on-premises or wherever it’s hosted.

Cloud applications

Control data in the cloud – just the same as on-premises.

Ransomware protection: Last line of defense, first step in data recovery

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