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Deliver Managed Data Protection Services All From a Single Platform

With competition intensifying and margins shrinking, managed service providers (MSPs) are looking to add new service offerings that will help grow their customer base and the value of each customer relationship. The challenge? They need to do so while also keeping infrastructure costs and operational complexity under control.

Commvault provides a simply powerful, flexible and cost-effective way for MSPs to deliver new and valuable data protection and management services. Because our services can be offered at multiple tiers, you can cover a broader range of price points: from entry-level to premium. Plus, our pre-engineered offerings help you get up and running faster with simplified operations, lower-cost infrastructure and on-demand billing models.

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Give your customers more managed data protection service options

With Commvault, you can offer multiple data protection services to your customers from just one single data platform. Say goodbye to multiple point products and consoles — and start realizing the benefits of simplified service delivery and a reduced technology footprint. We also offer unparalleled integration across storage, hypervisors and cloud providers, allowing you to grow your revenues by supporting a wider range of infrastructures.

  • Infrastructure as a Service Backup: Address critical infrastructure pain points with a single offering for protecting the workloads housed in your data center.
  • Remote Backup as a Service: Provide leading data protection capabilities no matter where your data lives with vendor-agnostic infrastructure that supports both cloud and hybrid backup to disk.
  • Migration as a Service: Help tenants move their existing workloads to your infrastructure or extend to or from a cloud environment.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service: Deliver a disaster recovery service where clients can test, protect, and recovery their workloads regardless of where it resides.
  • Office 365 Backup as a Service: Extend basic Office 365 capabilities to deliver a value-added service that supports long-term retention, archiving and compliance requirements.

A flexible licensing model built for managed service providers

Enterprise licenses don’t work for most MSPs for a number of reasons. Commvault’s consumption-based billing model helps you avoid the hassle of planning and approving budget for capacity in advance. Our managed services licensing approach aligns with your business model, with pay-as-you-go rates based on consumption so you buy only what you actually sell.

Reduce the costs of operating your back-end architecture

Our single data platform can help you reduce operating costs and complexity through:

  • Built-in deduplication technology: By eliminating up to 90% of redundant data at source, you can slash your back-end storage requirements without the need for costly, hardware-based deduplication appliances.
  • Full integration with commodity, off-the-shelf storage: Rather than paying for premium storage or appliance-based bundles, you can continue to use the systems you’ve already optimized and standardized on.
  • Scale-out architecture that grows with your business: By using commodity storage and compute, you can avoid wasteful overprovisioning by growing capacity in blocks as large or small as needed.
  • Advanced reporting: Our built-in metrics go beyond simple log files, telling you the full story behind a backup failure so you can quickly see if you’re meeting your service level agreements.

Go beyond your data center and into the cloud of your choice

Commvault software features tight integration with Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Google and other public cloud providers so you can deliver a multi-cloud service offering to your customers. From our single platform, you can easily manage your customer's data across its entire lifecycle and across multiple clouds. Your customers benefit from the best service at the best price in the right geography for their needs.

Implement distinct cloud solutions that set you apart from your competition by taking advantage of our unique cloud capabilities, including:

  • Support for 30 cloud providers so you can move data to the cloud of your choice simply by setting policy
  • Ability to recover virtual machines in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with automatic workload conversion and testing
  • Native integration with multiple cloud storage devices, including Amazon Glacier, Azure Blob and many others
  • Native integration with Amazon Elastic Block Store snapshots for world-class policy and control over cloud-based production workloads
A Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in backup and recovery Commvault is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data center backup and recovery software. Partnering with us means you’re providing your customers a best-of-breed solution. The advanced technology built into our software gives you everything you need to satisfy all your customers.

The Commvault Advantage

Becoming a Commvault Service Provider gives you unparalleled benefits that open up more opportunities for your business. Our technology platform, service offerings, and partner program are all built with you in mind.

  • High-customer-value branding and advanced protection features
  • Low-cost to operate back-end architecture
  • Multiple services and multiple service tiers from a single platform
  • Consumption-based licensing costs to match costs with revenue
  • Scale-out architecture grows with your business, and avoids wasteful over provisioning
  • Advanced usage and SLA reporting help ensure quality and lower cost of administration

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