Oracle Database Management

Streamline data access and bring copy data management under control with a unified approach to protecting and managing your Oracle databases and applications that is simply powerful.

Faced with the exponential growth of their Oracle applications and data, many organizations find it challenging to keep their data protected and extract value from it at the same time. With Commvault, a single solution protects the data in your Oracle environment and also provides a unified approach to administration, policy management and data access. From dev/test to production to archiving and retirement, Commvault covers the entire lifecycle of your enterprise's most important data — improving application performance, accelerating innovation, reducing costs and bringing copy data management under control.

Migrate to, from, within and between clouds

Many organizations are looking to ‘lift and shift’ their Oracle environment from on-premises to the cloud to improve their dev/test operations. But this is easier said than done: not only do applications need to be converted from UNIX to Linux before they can be migrated, there may also be compatibility issues depending on what is supported in your environment. Commvault software overcomes these challenges with the industry’s broadest support for enterprise applications, storage arrays and cloud storage providers.

This unparalleled flexibility means you can seamlessly migrate key application data (including legacy applications) not only to and from the cloud, but also within the cloud and between cloud providers. We automate and orchestrate the entire process, automatically converting your databases from UNIX to Linux while encrypting the data to ensure it is secure and deduplicating that data to reduce storage costs. Learn more about how to set up, protect and migrate your database to the Oracle Cloud.

Faster, more reliable recovery with snapshots

For most organizations, downtime is not an option — and traditional backup and recovery methods may struggle to meet your aggressive recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO) objectives. Snapshots powered by Commvault’s IntelliSnap technology, on the other hand, provide fast, automated, application-consistent copies of data with near zero impact on your production environment. IntelliSnap technology orchestrates snapshot management across the industry’s widest array of supported storage platforms, eliminating complex manual scripting while accelerating recovery.

Only Commvault offers granular recovery for Oracle databases — from individual tables to entire applications and clone copies — making it possible to recover just what you need instead of restoring the entire volume of data.

Benefits of using Commvault solutions for Oracle

Improved efficiency and performance

How your data is backed up can have a huge impact on your network and storage efficiency. As data volumes grow larger and larger, traditional backups get slower and slower, tying up system resources and network bandwidth to the point where database performance is affected. This also shrinks backup windows, making it more challenging to meet recovery objectives.

87% improvement in average data file recovery time

Commvault’s global deduplication eliminates up to 90 percent of redundant data at the source, shrinking the amount of data sent over the network and allowing data to be moved more efficiently within or between on-premises data centers, remote sites or the cloud. We can meet aggressive recovery objectives and eliminate backup window concerns with automated snapshots that are significantly faster than traditional backups. And our software features robust integration with Oracle RMAN, meaning your database and backup administrators can still leverage their native tools for greater self-service and efficiency.

Database performance can also be affected when resources are spent backing up data that is no longer needed. To eliminate database bloat, our policy-based archiving keeps your primary production storage lean by automatically moving inactive data to less expensive storage — while still providing full access for compliance purposes.

Accelerate your dev/test processes

On average, it takes more than 10 hours to provision and distribute data copies to dev/test teams. But to meet the demands of today’s marketplace, application iterations need to be released as quickly as possible — and that requires on-demand access to the most up-to-date data. Commvault accelerates dev/test cycles through our Copy Data Management capabilities, which automate and simplify data delivery so that virtualized copies of the latest production data can be provisioned within minutes rather than hours. Dev/test efficiency is also improved through self-service access to copy data, reducing the long wait times and admin intervention typically associated with provisioning, all while enabling faster decision-making.

We also address copy data management challenges like data sprawl — storage that is wasted due to a lack of visibility into where dev/test copies are located or if they’re still in use. Commvault software gives you the ability to define policies for automatically expiring copies when they’re no longer needed.

63% reduction in admin hours required to create a database

Unprecedented visibility

65% improvement in the amount of data that needs protecting

You can’t protect something you don’t know exists. If you are managing a number of different point products or tools, gaining centralized visibility into your entire database environment can be next to impossible. Commvault offer a single, unified solution that automatically discovers and backs up databases without any admin intervention, increasing your protection coverage. Our indexed virtual repository also enables search across your entire environment, no matter where the data lives — physical or virtual, on-premises or in the cloud — or where it is in its lifecycle. This simplifies management and reporting while ensuring compliance.