Extend your enterprise into the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud gives enterprises an agile public cloud IT infrastructure to meet their business needs. Through our strong technology partnership with Oracle, Commvault software maximizes the value of your Oracle Cloud implementation with fast and cost-effective workload migration, simple and efficient backups, live replication, automated orchestration and more.

Enterprise support for the Oracle Cloud

Commvault provides efficient and cost-effective means to move workloads to the Oracle cloud — and then protect them once they’re there. Whether your workloads are currently on-premises or already native in the cloud, our software enables direct backup with deduplication, compression and encryption for all your enterprise applications and files while in transit and at rest. You never have to worry about bringing your data back on-premises because, with Commvault, data managed in Oracle Cloud can be provided directly to a virtual compute instance inside Oracle Cloud. This turns the cloud into an extension of your physical data center, helping you cut storage and data management costs.


Move your Oracle workloads to the cloud

Portability for all your data and workloads

Matching production environment capabilities with those of the cloud is a longstanding challenge, especially where enterprise UNIX-to-Linux migrations are concerned. Commvault helps overcome the usual slowdowns by automating the transformation of “big-endian” data instances to “little-endian” Linux-based Oracle Cloud instances as part of our Oracle recovery operations. This conversion provides unparalleled portability for your databases and applications — improving disaster recovery and accelerating application innovation.

Back up and protect your Oracle data in the cloud

Easy orchestration and automation of enterprise workloads

Commvault’s pre-built, customizable orchestration and automation workflows make it easy to link business processes to data workloads. That means you can quickly and easily migrate on-premises workloads from Oracle instances to file data — and even your entire Oracle application stack — to the Oracle Cloud. The creation of virtual machine compute instances with the appropriate resources, storage and software can also be automated as a part of a single migration workflow that seamlessly leverages the Oracle Cloud infrastructure to accelerate migration.

Everything from disaster recovery to dev/test

By making all workloads portable and enabling point-in-time and on-demand database synchronization, you can create copies of production workloads for disaster recovery, dev/test, reporting and analytics and other business processes — all in the cloud. Our Live Sync functionality enables live Oracle database replication from one infrastructure to another for fast, on-demand dev/test and copy creation. When a dev/test environment is no longer needed, our software automatically powers it down, helping control costs over the long term. This means you use compute and storage resources only when required, further simplifying the operational aspects of extending your data center to the Oracle Cloud.

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