Forward-thinking, modern data protection solutions for cyber resilience. 

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Commvault and Lenovo 

Commvault and Lenovo deliver cyber resilience with robust data protection and security capabilities built on a platform with industry-leading reliability and performance. 

Unsurpassed recoverability 

The industry’s best recovery capabilities – across the most workloads, at the best TCO – meets an award-winning hardware platform. 

Enterprise-wide data recovery across the widest breadth of hybrid workloads with rapid efficiency.

Fast, reliable restores with AI-driven automation to verify clean recovery points. 

Restore data from anywhere to anywhere. Broadest workload support meets most flexible recovery options. 

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Reliability and security 

At the heart of any cyber resilience strategy is strong foundational security and reliability – and Commvault and Lenovo excel in that area. 

Hardened, zero-trust architecture prevents unauthorized access and ensures compliance. Powerful security capabilities to predict and proactively fight evolving cyber threats. 

Lenovo servers lead in reliability, providing a leading platform that ensures seamless operation.

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Performance and scalability 

As threats evolve and new challenges emerge, Commvault and Lenovo provide the performance and scalability to meet those challenges head on.  

Streamline how data is protected, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational overhead. 

Unparalleled scaling to recover data faster than the competition, at a fraction of the cost. Solutions easily adapt and grow as new business needs arise.

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Platform capability

Commvault® Cloud Foundational Backup & Recovery  

Commvault® Cloud Foundational Backup & Recovery delivers resilience and recovery capabilities that provide complete backup and recovery of all workloads across on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud.

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Platform capability

Commvault® Cloud Autonomous Recovery  

Commvault® Cloud Autonomous Recovery delivers, resilience and recovery, along with cyber readiness providing backup, archive, replication, disaster recovery, and built-in ransomware protection for all your workloads across on-prem, public cloud, and hybrid multi-cloud environments. 

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Platform capability

Commvault® Cloud Cyber Resilience 

Commvault® Cloud Cyber Resilience delivers resilience and recovery, along with cyber readiness and cyber resilience providing backup, archive, replication, disaster recovery, built-in ransomware protection, sensitive data discovery, threat scanning, and cyber deception.