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Complete cyber resilience for Oracle  

Proactively protect & secure your data against threats while accelerating your business.

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A 25-Year history of integration 

Commvault and Oracle’s deep integration has empowered customers to secure data.


Joint customers with Oracle deployments.


Oracle Customers Added YOY.


Growth YOY, 1 EB + Protected.

Unlock the power of Commvault Cloud® and Oracle

Commvault’s integration with Oracle enables efficient and reliable backup, recovery, and management of the entire Oracle environment.

Robust backup and recovery

Enable seamless backup and speed recovery of all your Oracle data. 

Automatically discover and protect databases without any admin intervention.

Fast and granular recovery options. 

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Simple, unified management 

Protect all of your important Oracle data, no matter where it lives, with a unified approach to data access, administration and policy management.

Robust integration with Oracle RMAN means database and backup administrators can use native tools for greater self-service and efficiency. 

Link business processes to workloads easily with customization, orchestration and automated workflows.
Manage your Oracle data across its full lifecycle: from dev/test to production to archiving and retirement. 

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Seamless data mobility 

Seamless move your workloads to the cloud, including the Oracle Cloud, and protect them once they’re there. 

Migrate on-premises workloads or your entire Oracle application stack to the cloud quickly.

Link business processes to workloads easily with customization, orchestration, and automated workflows.
Apply deduplication, compression and encryption to all applications and data, in transit and at rest.

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Enhanced security 

Commvault Cloud offers zero -trust access controls, data encryption, and advanced security protocols built -in to safeguard data. 

Industry-leading encryption and authentication mechanisms. 

Role-based access controls to safeguard sensitive information. 

Rest easy with air- gapped protection against malicious insiders and ransomware attacks. 

Database Security – Woman in glasses typing on laptop in server room.

Oracle database 

Improve the efficiency and performance of your Oracle databases by solving copy data management challenges, accelerating your database backup and recovery processes, and more. 

Eliminate data sprawl by defining policies for automatically expiring copies that are no longer needed.

Restore just what you need with granular recovery — from individual tables to entire apps and clone copies.

Improve dev/test efficiency with self-service access to copy data, reducing wait times and admin intervention.

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Commvault’s deep integration with Oracle, allows enterprises to improve data protection, reduce data loss, and recover more quickly. 

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Air Gap Protect 

Leverage integrated SaaS resilience and recovery with limitless scalability through immutable cloud storage, reducing risk effectively.

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Backup & Recovery

Get safe, compliant backup and recovery of all enterprise workloads – on-premises and the cloud.

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Auto Recovery  

Protect your applications in near real-time with one click: secure, automated cyber recovery at scale.

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