Oracle database backup

With a unified approach to protecting and managing your entire Oracle environment, you can migrate workloads to the cloud faster and backup your databases more efficiently – all while streamlining data access and bringing copy data management under control.

What our partnership with Oracle offers you

One solution for all your data:
Protect all of your important Oracle data, no matter where it lives, with a unified approach to data access, administration and policy management.

Accelerated dev/test cycles: 
Automated, simplified data delivery allows virtualized copies of the latest production data to be provisioned within minutes instead of hours.

Deep Oracle integration:
Robust integration with Oracle RMAN means database and backup administrators can use native tools for greater self-service and efficiency.

Improved performance and efficiency:
Global deduplication eliminates redundant data at the source, shrinking data volumes for more efficient movement between on-premises and cloud deployments.

No more database bloat:
Policy-based archiving keeps your primary production storage lean by automatically moving inactive data to less expensive.

Full data lifecycle coverage:
Manage your Oracle data across its full lifecycle: from dev/test to production to archiving and retirement.

Cross platform migration:
Automates the manual migration task of converting Oracle from a big-endian AIX /Solaris platform to a little-endian Linux platform.

Enterprise Account Management:
Add Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Metallic to meet both long and short-term retention needs.

This short video demonstrates how easy it is to recover an Oracle database using the Commvault Command Center.

With Commvault, you can take back time, using simplicity and automation to streamline your Oracle databases from a big-endian Unix platform to a little-endian Linux platform.

Enterprise support for Oracle Cloud Solutions

Commvault software provides a more efficient and cost-effective way to move your workloads to the cloud, including the Oracle Cloud, and protect them once they’re there.

Migrate on-premises workloads or your entire Oracle application stack to the cloud quickly

Link business processes to workloads easily with customization, orchestration and automated workflows

Apply deduplication, compression and encryption to all applications and data, in transit and at rest

With Commvault software, you can automatically create virtual machine compute instances with all the appropriate resources, including storage and software, as part of a single migration workflow to accelerate your move to the cloud, including the Oracle Cloud. Because data can be migrated directly to these virtual instances, the cloud becomes an extension of your physical data center — helping you cut storage and data management costs.

With our complete, simplified and automated migration process, Commvault makes it easy to orchestrate the migration of your on-premises Oracle instances to the cloud.

Commvault for Oracle® Cloud

Oracle database backup and management

Improve the efficiency and performance of your Oracle databases by solving copy data management challenges, accelerating your database backup and recovery processes, and more.

Eliminate data sprawl by defining policies for automatically expiring copies that are no longer needed

Restore just what you need with granular recovery — from individual tables to entire apps and clone copies

Improve dev/test efficiency with self-service access to copy data, reducing wait times and admin intervention

Meet your aggressive recovery objectives and eliminate backup-window concerns with automated snapshots that are significantly faster than traditional backups.

Our single, unified solution gives you centralized visibility into your entire Oracle database environment — and can automatically discover and backup databases without any admin intervention.

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