Comprehensive Data Protection for Salesforce

Safeguard your production and sandbox environments from deletion, corruption, and attack.

Cyber Resilience for Salesforce Data

Proven data security, SLA compliance, and recoverability for your Salesforce data.

Comprehensive Protection

Robust protection for valuable Salesforce data, including content, files, custom objects, profiles, metadata, hierarchal relationships, seed data, and more.

Advanced Cyber Protection

Threat detection, security posture management, and zero trust access controls.

Ultimate Performance

Flexible, granular search with rapid, bulk, and velocity restore options. 

Commvault and Salesforce

Improve Productivity

Automate backups, restore records, seed and mask sandbox environments, and protect multiple production orgs from a single view.

Maintain SLA compliance 

SLA compliance with unlimited storage, unlimited retention and advanced protocols built-in.

Accelerate Development and Testing

Seed, mask, and rehydrate sandbox environments for accelerated testing.

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Six reasons for third-party Salesforce data protection

With data loss threats on the rise, there are a number of reasons to consider a dedicated solution to keep your Salesforce data safe and recoverable, while simplifying management of production orgs and sandbox environments.


Safeguard your production and sandbox data

Commvault delivers powerful, enterprise-grade data protection with broad-ranging coverage across production and sandbox environments.


Salesforce AppExchange

Commvault Cloud is on the Salesforce AppExchange. Check out our listing today.

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Backup & Recovery

Delivers SaaS resilience and recovery to safeguard production and sandbox environments with proven data security to protect for your Salesforce investment.

Backup & Recovery for Databases 

Resilience and recovery capabilities that provide complete backup and recovery of all workloads across on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. 

Auto Recovery

SaaS resilience and recovery capabilities as an integrated cloud storage target that makes it simple for IT organizations to adopt cloud air gap storage to reduce risk and scale limitlessly.

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