Escape the Chaos: A Trustworthy Veritas Alternative 

Tired of the ongoing upheaval from Veritas’s continuously shifting platform? Each new vendor or acquisition introduces additional costs and operational challenges for customers. Don’t let the disruptions hinder your business. Choose a solution that prioritizes stability and minimizes the chaos. 

Avoid Veritas + Cohesity Chaos 

Navigate the uncertainty caused by the Cohesity-Veritas merger with Commvault Cloud – the consistent and innovative cyber resilience solution. 

True cloud cyber resilience without the chaos 

Moderation isn’t in our vocabulary.

Commvault Cloud for Government is now a FedRAMP® High-Authorized SaaS data protection solution on the market. 


Making the switch to Commvault Cloud is easy

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Download our step-by-step guide to making the switch from Veritas to Commvault Cloud.

Ready to make the switch?

Experience the cleanroom

See the platform in action

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