Cloud disaster recovery: New trends, top questions


On-demand webinar

Duration: 45 min.


Cloud disaster recovery is top of mind for many organizations. With changing times come new advancements for disaster recovery using cloud storage from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or other cloud environments.

Learn the answers to your top questions about cloud disaster recovery:

  • What is the best method for cloud disaster recovery?
  • What is the first step in a cloud disaster recovery plan?
  • Why is cloud flexibility important for disaster recovery?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What disaster recovery means, and how to evaluate that for your organization.
  • Real-world examples and specific approaches to cloud disaster recovery based on typical enterprise workloads like virtual machines, databases, SaaS and PaaS.
  • How a cloud-centric approach to disaster recovery can dispel many of the typical pain points.
  • Why partners are a great option to help build and maintain your disaster recovery plan.


Penny Gralewski, Solutions Marketing, Commvault

Penny Gralewski is the Commvault Solutions Marketing lead for cloud data management, explaining how to store, protect, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud storage locations.

Chris Williams, Multi-Cloud Consultant, World Wide Technology

Chris Williams is a Multi-Cloud Consultant and AWS hero who helps customers design and deploy the next generation of public, private and multi-cloud solutions.