The cloud just got closer: Managed cloud storage for your ransomware recovery strategy


On-demand webinar

Length: 45 min.


Simplicity. Security. Scale: three powerful reasons companies are looking to adopt cloud storage to modernize data management and reduce risk. The question: how to add secure cloud backup storage with control, speed, and ease – plus predicable costs and long-term savings?

The answer: Metallic Cloud Storage Service, built on Microsoft Azure, now available globally for seamless adoption of cloud storage with Commvault Backup & Recovery and HyperScale™ X.

Join Associate Research Director, Cloud Data Management IDC Europe, Archana Venkatraman for a conversation with Manoj Nair, General Manager for Metallic, and Jürgen Willis, General Manager, Azure Storage at Microsoft for a look at why and how smart CIOs are bringing cloud into their data management strategies. Learn how to overcome common concerns when adopting cloud storage for data management and discover the easy button with Metallic Cloud Storage service.

See how companies can leverage the trusted ransomware readiness framework of Commvault plus the security and scale of Metallic Cloud Storage Service on Azure to be ready for data demands.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • What are the benefits of modernizing your backup storage strategy with cloud?
  • How to optimize data protection for hybrid environments?
  • How can air gapped and immutable cloud storage mitigate ransomware risk?
  • What steps can drastically reduce TCO over on-premises data protection, while controlling cloud costs?
  • How to get a fast and easy onramp to cloud, with no changes to your current procurement and operational models?

PLUS – get a first look at Metallic Cloud Storage Service in action.


Archana Venkatraman, Associate Research Director, Cloud Data Management, IDC Europe

Jürgen Willis, General Manager, Azure Storage, Microsoft

Manoj Nair, General Manager for Metallic