Education data protection

Data protection that delivers for educators. Commvault software helps educational institutions from K–12 to colleges and universities use, store, share and protect growing volumes of data easily and economically.

For higher education

Centralized control, departmental autonomy

To control costs and maximize infrastructure utilization, many colleges and universities are looking for ways to centralize and streamline their data environments. Yet the creators of that data are not always eager to expose years of precious departmental or individual research. Commvault’s software offers the ideal middle ground by enabling centralized metering and reporting while leaving the information itself in its owners’ hands — with seamless backup and recovery to keep it safe and secure.

Centralized control, departmental autonomy

A simple solution for big data

Technology has spurred a massive increase in the size of research data sets, especially in fields like genomics and robotics. Commvault helps you turn that Big Data — even “dark” or hidden data — into a strategic asset through intuitive search and indexing capabilities, all while making maximum use of available storage space for continuous cost control. Our software will also help you meet eDiscovery requirements efficiently by locating exactly the information required to respond to legal requests.

A simple solution for big data

Easy lifecycle data protection

With storage, backup, archiving and recovery integrated in a single solution, you get a complete view of your data throughout its entire lifecycle. Our software ensures your data stays accessible, retrievable and usable at all times. When a semester ends, your teams can easily identify which student records and other data should be retained and which can be purged to free up valuable storage space. Commvault software even makes it possible to back up and restore entire applications.

Easy lifecycle data management

Supporting IT as a service

In many large educational institutions, the IT department has evolved from technology supplier to full-blown service provider — delivering platforms, infrastructure and applications as services to the rest of the organization. Commvault makes that new role easier for IT teams by enabling self-service and cloud services, supporting service-level agreements and seamlessly accommodating new workloads as demands shift. Our software allows IT teams to effortlessly move data to and from the cloud and to implement institution-wide cloud applications like Gmail and Office 365 for email and productivity.

Supporting IT as a service
For K-12

Consolidation and the cloud

Commvault’s single-platform, unified data protection approach makes it easy for K–12 organizations to consolidate IT infrastructure, handle large volumes of data and start taking advantage of the cloud with minimal risk. That helps cut costs with efficient, secure and flexible IT operations capable of handling rapidly growing data storage demands. With our software, data and critical applications and database environments are always protected and available.

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