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Better information equals better business decisions. The analytics from Commvault Activate provide actionable insights across both your production and backup data sources to increase storage efficiency, enable faster responses to compliance requests and lower your data risks. Quickly identify and turn your data risks into rewards.

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Your data: Know it. Act on data insights through analytics.

We are creating more data than ever before yet knowing less about it. Unfortunately, what you don’t know can impact your business. Through our data analytics you can easily look across your entire enterprise to analyze and visualize the data itself.  With these data insights you can build actions to quickly remediate issues and respond to compliance and governance requests.  This ultimately gives you the peace of mind that you’re ready to handle whatever the business needs.

By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.


Be ready to know, manage and use your data like never before

Actionable insight across your data – that’s the power that Commvault Activate delivers to your fingertips.  With dynamic and customizable dashboards, you can look into your data that resided in both your live systems and your backups and visualize that information.  From our data analytics you can proactively manage your data risk, drive greater efficiency and be ready to respond to requests.

Data Governance

Define, find and manage your critical and/or sensitive data

  • Leverage AI/ML to find and identify sensitive data across your primary and/or backup data sources via the Entity Manager
  • Quickly remediate issues by quarantining live production data or even deleting sensitive files from backup copies
  • Redact sensitive information from files prior to export and review
  • Orchestrate review, audit and reporting for compliance processes with Request Manager’s built-in workflows

File Storage Optimization

Clean house, improve performance and save money

  • Lower operating costs and avoid data sprawl by easily identifying and removing obsolete, duplicate, or redundant data
  • Assign ownership to remediate orphaned data and reduce the risk of data loss or exposure with the Entitlement Manager
  • Drive efficiency with insights into storage consumption by user, file type, age and tree size – facilitating chargeback and better data tiering

eDiscovery & Compliance

Faster responses to legal and compliance requests

  • A single global search for compliance related data across your on-premises, cloud, virtual, physical and endpoint data
  • Use Case Manager to flag relevant data for legal hold and further review
  • Integration and data export to external stakeholders as part of compliance or legal responses
  • Use document chaining to expand your search results

After installing the content indexing and search feature, I no longer dread the email requests from the legal department.

–IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Government Organization

What benefits do Commvault customers see?

  • 50-61% reduction in annual exposure to compliance or audit failures and/or data theft/breach1
  • 140-200% increase in reporting and analytics coverage1
  • 62% decrease in annual compliance, eDiscovery, and insurance spend1
  • 54% savings in data storage and data management hardware costs1
  • 48% faster responses to discovery requests1

For the full benefit list and all the specs, download the Commvault Activate datasheet

Commvault Activate overview

Take a look to see how Commvault Activate can easily quantify the size and risk of your data, so you can dramatically reduce your costs.

Yantai Shinho

South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency

Denver health case study


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