• Pride, Respect and Equality

    Posted 06/19/2019 by Sanjay Mirchandani

    Fifty years ago, just 50 miles away from our New Jersey headquarters, the Stonewall Riots sent shockwaves through the LGBTQ community that continue to ripple throughout the world today – sometimes positively, sometimes not.

  • Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month at Commvault

    Posted 06/19/2019 by Jesper Helt

    This month Commvault is celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month, a month dedicated to equality and diversity around the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. This year, the recognition is especially impactful, as we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the demonstrations.

  • More From Cisco LIVE!: It’s Connected, Cloud and Cognitive

    Posted 06/13/2019 by Bill Concevitch

    The second and third days at Cisco LIVE! continued to reinforce the shifts and convergence within the workplace and the world of IT. A highlight came during "Lifting the Limits: Data Center Straight Talk" with Roland Acra, Cisco's SVP/GM of the Data Center Business Group.

  • Lowering Your Data Carbon Footprint

    Posted 06/04/2019 by Nigel Tozer

    Lowering Your Data Carbon Footprint Those of you who read my blogs regularly will know I’m from the United Kingdom (UK), where we have a somewhat split personality when it comes to climate change (and other things, apparently).

  • A Wish List for Multi-Cloud Data Protection

    Posted 05/30/2019 by Ned Bellavance

    For most companies, the data in their organization is their most valuable asset. Many companies are re-evaluating their data protection solution in the context of a multi-cloud reality.

  • GDPR One Year On: Did Anything Really Change?

    Posted 05/28/2019 by Nigel Tozer

    This time last year was like a data protection whirlwind, like never before, with stories about personal data being shifted, sold, used and abused hitting the headlines. After a two-year build-up, the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was about to become real, and its main effect was: confusion, and lots of emails.

  • The Long View: GDPR One Year Later

    Posted 05/24/2019 by James Canham-Ash

    To mark the one-year anniversary of the ground-breaking General Data Protection Regulation, I sat down with Commvault’s Global Data Governance Officer, Jo Blazey, to get her perspective on the last 12 months; where we (the broader industry) are, in terms of GDPR compliance; and what still needs to be done.

  • We Are Ready

    Posted 05/22/2019 by Sanjay Mirchandani

    Coming out of last week’s "Commvault Ready" kickoff event, we are focused, reinvigorated and ready to seize the opportunity ahead of us this year.

  • Get ‘READY’ to Talk GDPR: 12 months Later, Has the Storm Passed?

    Posted 05/14/2019 by Miranda Foster

    One year after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation, the bruising barrage of fines and thousands of "Right to be Forgotten" requests have, more or less, been avoided. While business priorities have shifted over the last 12 months, questions about GDPR remain.

  • Tolkien, Glaciers and Global Warming

    Posted 05/10/2019 by Nigel Tozer

    In my last blog I set out how Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has a growing carbon footprint, and that under normal conditions hyperscale cloud providers offer a more sustainable alternative to a private cloud in your own data center.

  • Partner Success Desk Sets Course For FY20

    Posted 05/08/2019 by Deepak Bhardwaj

    Simplify. Succeed. Trust. Grow.  At Commvault, our vision has always been a simple one: provide enablement and demand creation so our partners can grow their business more easily.

  • Collaborating to Enhance Azure PaaS Database Long-Term Retention

    Posted 05/02/2019 by Randy De Meno

    What started 20 years ago in an effort to solve critical customer challenges continues today, adding to the Commvault portfolio of solutions for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory and more - helping organizations gain more value from their ever-growing volume of data.

  • Customers Give Us the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

    Posted 04/29/2019 by Miranda Foster

    Customer success stories never get tired around here and they give us the ultimate adrenaline rush. Looking back across fiscal Q4 2019, we saw many of our customers realize the power and tangible benefits of our strategic offerings like Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery, Commvault HyperScale™, to name a couple.

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