How to Protect 1,000 VMs in 23 Minutes with Dell Compellent and Simpana Software

Posted 10/01/2012 by Commvault

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Guest post by Commvault

Many times in a virtualized data center, data protection and management are an afterthought, addressed with limited purpose-built external tools that lead to sub-optimal results and poor resource utilization. The critical and even more complex task of data management with virtual machines – including protection, recovery and long term retention – in a densely populated data center with multiple applications needs a more integrated and flexible approach.

Dell Compellent Storage Center and Commvault software is a proven configuration that provides an integrated, unified and robust end-to-end data management solution that seamlessly enables data protection policies across virtual and physical environments.

Commvault and Dell Compellent come together to solve the challenge of protecting scalable VMware deployments by bringing together the speed and efficiency of Compellent array-based snapshots with the snapshot cataloging, management and tiering capabilities in Commvault software along deep VMware API integration to deliver a best-of-both-worlds approach to protecting scaled-out VMware deployments. With the joint solution, scalable VMware deployments can be protected in minutes, recovered in minutes or seconds – even at granular and file levels and critical virtualized data can be retained in an optimized format for long term retention requirements.

Commvault and Dell Compellent have completed joint development of a new reference architecture designed to simplify and accelerate scalable VMware deployments with optimized data protection. The attached whitepaper outlines the details of the reference architecture and provides performance benchmarks for this reference architecture.

So how do you protect 1000 VMs in 23 minutes? At the core, it's about hardware snapshots. The fast, efficient snapshot technology from Dell Compellent allows users to generate an initial recovery copy in minutes or seconds, but the snapshot alone is not enough. Commvault software's advanced data protection capabilities integrate deeply into the virtual platform, manage the snapshots, catalog the snaps for fast recovery of files and copy snaps to low cost tier 3 disk, tape or cloud targets. The combination of these technologies delivers an unbeatable combination of data protection and management for rapidly growing virtual infrastructures.

Dell-Compellent and Commvault Simpana solution for VMware

High level architectural view of the Dell-Compellent and Commvault Simpana solution for VMware