Adventures in Data – A Real Story from the Road

Posted 24 April 2013 1:48 PM by Greg White

If you have any doubts that protecting data at the edge and providing employees with self-service access to their information, on any device, makes them more productive, then this true story is for you. I know it's true because I was there. Thankfully, Commvault has fully embraced the growing trend of empowering the mobile workforce and, as the industry slogan says, we "eat our own dog food" by deploying Commvault Edge to protect the data on our employees' laptops and desktops.

It all started rather innocently. A co-worker and I were in London to answer questions and provide educational support at the U.K. stop for the Simpana 10 launch tour that would continue on to Munich and Amsterdam over a two-week span. It was a brilliant evening in the heart of London at ClubTEN, in the shadow of St. Paul's Cathedral in the Grange hotel. During the event, my co-worker placed his laptop on a high cocktail table while discussing the benefits of single-console, integrated snapshot management (FYI, I was contractually obligated to include that shameless plug in exchange for his allowing me to tell his story.). This is where things would take a decidedly negative turn for those who aren't backing up and protecting their PCs.

An attendee brushed the table, gravity took over (as it is wont to do), and the laptop plunged to the floor, landing squarely on the corner where the hard drive lives. And just like that, his data was done for — at least on that disk drive. Now the unprotected would get that pit in the stomach, immediately wracking their brains about the last time they performed a backup (if ever), could they get to the backup (the USB drive probably left sitting on their office desk thousands of miles away), and what were they going to do for the next two weeks in Europe with more events and no computer. But, he didn't have any these fears because he knew he was protected. He knew he was a quick and easy three steps from being "back up," without any data loss.

Step 1: Call IT. Have them express ship a new hard drive to his hotel.
Step 2: Replace the hard drive in his PC and simply power up with the hotel connection to the Internet.
Step 3: Log onto the Commvault web console and restore his data himself. (If he'd had more time, IT could have even done this for him centrally before shipping the drive.)

And the best part? While he was waiting for the hard drive to arrive, because there is a Commvault Edge mobile app for access to all protected files and emails, he had full download and view capabilities to all his information from his Android phone and tablet.

Still have doubts or concerns about how protecting data on your teams' laptops and desktops can add value? Share your thoughts and let us know how we can help.

Greg White (@gregorydwhite) is Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Data Management and Protection at Commvault.