Stories from the Road: Life is Sweeter with Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Data

Posted 3 July 2013 9:17 AM by Greg White

Here are a couple of questions for you: How and where do you want to be able to retrieve, share and access your data so you can save time and maintain a better work-life balance? Would you like to be more efficient at work so you can spend more time with friends and family, take some well-deserved time off, or volunteer to help others? You get the idea. I'll bet that there are plenty of situations like the one I am about to describe that you've yet to ponder or come across, but when they happen, they produce a real forehead–slapping moment.

I recently blogged that we deployed our Commvault Edge solution internally to provide protection for data on our laptops, with self-service access to that data (no need for an IT helpdesk request) from mobile apps, the Internet or any PC. I want to add another story to the narrative, this one directly from my own experience.

I was in the car on the NJ Turnpike, driving from our headquarters in Oceanport to the airport in Newark, when I got a call from an account executive wanting some details on our IntelliSnap Recovery Manager solution for a customer and channel partner meeting the following day. (Note: I was using my hands-free set-up, so I wasn't driving with only half my peripheral vision due to having a cell phone pressed to my face.) Uncharacteristically, I was rushed for time to make my flight that day and in rush-hour traffic, so when I got to the airport just in time for my three-hour flight home, I didn't have time to boot my PC and wireless card. However, I knew the files he wanted were available through the Commvault Edge mobile app on my phone. Once through security, I simply pulled up the app, browsed to the folder with the files and emailed them to him. Ultimately, he had the info he needed hours before he would have had it otherwise, my life was less stressed, and I was able to help a co-worker in a bind.

Watch this short video to learn more about anytime, anywhere access to your data that can be delivered from the same singular Simpana® software platform you may already be using for data backup, archive, search and recovery.

Have you faced a similar situation where you wished you'd been able to be a hero – without adding a whole lot of stress to your life? Share your thoughts on what you wish you could do and I'll let you know if we can help. "Self-service access to your data" is more than just a catchphrase; it is real-life functionality that you could be taking advantage of today.

Drop me an email or DM me on Twitter: @gregorydwhite.

Greg White is Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Data Management and Protection at Commvault.