People-Centric IT: Empowering the Benefits of Mobility and BYOD

Posted 27 March 2013 4:13 PM by Greg White

Hardly a day goes by where I don't see an article or email with the letters "BYOD" or the word "mobility" in it. What I've found talking to customers is that there is some merit to the volume of articles on these typically intertwined topics. Many tell me they are thinking about these issues, some are getting their feet wet, and a few are already all in, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents from the data management perspective.

More often than not, the discussion and articles on mobility and BYOD are focused on how to do it, the consequences of not doing it, and the complexities involved with doing it, but they are frequently lacking on why these issues are rising to the forefront and what they mean to the organization. Ultimately, the attention toward mobility and BYOD should be focused on creating a more productive and satisfied workforce and not solely on how to have the coolest technology. When employees can be empowered with choice and self-service, they are more agile, more creative and more efficient. This efficiency doesn't stop at the customer of IT, it can extend into the IT department as well.

And it is precisely this workforce productivity and efficiency that we are focused on here at Commvault. When it comes to the data that is being created and consumed on all sorts of devices, from the traditional desktop to the laptop, the tablet, and the smartphone, end users are looking for an easier way to be able to find and use their information, on their own, from anywhere. And IT is looking for a cost-effective, secure, low impact way to deliver it to them.

CommVault Edge mobile app for Android, iOS, Microsoft RT and Blackberry

As part of the Simpana software platform, Commvault Edge provides protection, self-service recovery, discovery capability, and anywhere access. It can help enable your BYOD initiatives because it supports heterogeneous client operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and Linux through a single solution. Individual workers can find their information in the ContentStore and securely retrieve or view it, regardless of where it was created, through a mobile app or web console. The IT department can efficiently manage this capability from small deployments to tens of thousands of clients, freeing admins from always having to be responsible for restoring files for their users and allowing them to focus on other value-added activities for the organization. Administrator impact is further lessened by legal and compliance teams' ability to perform integrated self-service global eDiscovery and role-based access search.

CommVault Edge Protection, Recovery, Discovery and Access

Where are you in the spectrum of BYOD and mobility initiatives? What are you are looking for to help you deliver the productivity benefits sought from them through a people-centric approach? Share your thoughts and let us know how we can help.

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Greg White is Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Data Management and Protection at Commvault.