Simpana 10: A Brilliant Evening in the Heart of London

Posted 1 March 2013 1:33 PM by Greg White

On Wednesday, we continued spreading the word about Simpana 10 software's ability to provide an exponential leap forward in the way companies find and use protected data. And as they say in the U.K., it was "brilliant." The event was held in the Grange hotel's ClubTEN, in the shadow of St. Paul's Cathedral, appropriately at 10 Godliman Street. In attendance was a crowd of highly charged customers, partners, and those looking to learn more about what Simpana software might do to help them with their virtualization, cloud, mobility, backup and recovery, and big data challenges. This 10-story light column greeted them before they proceeded down to the club to take in the action-packed evening.

Simpana 10 Light Column

And like New York City where Eli Manning (#10 of course) greeted the attendees, the London event featured another famous "#10" in a video of rugby star Jonny Wilkinson. Wilkinson spoke of the parallels between facing adversity and staring it down on the rugby field with the challenges attendees were seeking to overcome to better protect, manage and access their data.

The key themes that carried through the conversations I had that evening revolved around:

  • Expanding virtualization and better and easier ways to protect and recover in these environments
  • Partners and service providers looking for new opportunities to grow their businesses with additional offerings, but with less management effort than they've dedicated previously
  • The ContentStore and Simpana software's unique architecture that could be a game changer in the way access to information is delivered
  • Finding new ways, through point-in-time snapshots, to protect volumes of data that can no longer be backed up through the traditional methods they have been using
  • The very real excitement and interest shown by existing customers in the operational and strategic advantages that upgrading to Simpana 10 could provide to their businesses

Afterwards, I heard similar themes from the other Commvault experts who were engaging with the attendees through the interactive presentations, shown below, that elaborated on the Simpana 10 story and how it could benefit them.

Simpana 10 Storyboard

Next up for me? Munich – where we continue our mission to inform and educate about how the most innovative software platform can solve the data protection and information management challenges of today…and tomorrow. We will be posting more technical details that expand on these concepts, so check back soon.

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Greg White is Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Data Management and Protection at Commvault.