New STORServer Backup and Recovery Appliances Powered by Commvault Simpana 10

Posted 11/13/2013 by Commvault

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Today we launched a new partnership with STORServer to introduce enterprise backup and recovery appliances built on Commvault® Simpana 10 data and information management software. Four new STORServer Backup Appliances powered by Commvault can be factory-configured to solve any data protection problem for growing businesses and enterprises with multiple locations and environments.

STORServer has been 100 percent dedicated to selling, building and installing purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs) for more than 15 years, so it came to us with an intense focus and expertise on the needs of the appliance market. Customers can rely on trusted advisors to scope, size and implement the right Simpana-based appliance solution to fit any data protection and recovery requirement. What is really intriguing about the STORServer value proposition is that it’s the only backup appliance vendor we're aware of that provides both a data recovery guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a cornerstone of its commitment to quality.

Why are PBBAs popular with customers? In a word, simplicity. PBBAs, like the new STORServer and Commvault appliance, are standalone solutions integrating disk arrays and server engines with data management software that catalogs and indexes data and schedules data movement and restore functions. And all of this is supported by one vendor. Some appliances such as the STORServer-Commvault combo also feature global (source and target) deduplication and can be deployed in a parallel or grid architecture for higher availability and even greater scale. PBBAs can also replicate to one another at remote sites for disaster recovery use cases. The turnkey nature of the appliance and packaging--from the purchase process to implementation and support--make it very easy to buy, install and be up and running in practically no time.

We’re excited to bring STORServer into the Commvault partner network. We are seeing more demand for appliance-based approaches to solving customer backup and archive problems and we believe the new alliance will allow both companies to expand and grow in the mid-market as customers increasingly adopt integrated data protection and recovery products. The STORServer partnership expands our storage hardware appliance and array ecosystem and complements our IntelliSnap array snapshot integration program (IntelliSnap Connect). The new offerings allow us to leverage STORServer’s strong reputation and appliance expertise to provide Commvault customers and reseller partners with more technology choice for backup and recovery solutions.

Here are answers to five common questions about today’s announcement:

What are the specifications?

STORServer offers four customizable Simpana 10–based appliances that address daily change rates from about 1 TB to 7 TB of data. (The change rate varies depending upon the type of application, environment and the business). By adding STORServer expansion servers, customers can implement additional software functions from Archive to OnePass functions, as well as additional data mover capability. There is no real limit on the amount of storage capacity that can be attached to the central backup appliance. 

The bundled Simpana 10 data and information management software integrates modern data protection, intelligent archive and mobile access to speed recovery, reduce costs and simplify operations. Simpana 10 software provides modules for virtual machine protection, hardware snapshots, workflow automation, endpoint protection, global deduplication, replication, search and intuitive reporting within a single platform.

How is the STORServer appliance different from what Commvault offers today?

STORServer’s appliances are complete turnkey solutions and its expertise is in taking all the complexity out of the backup and archive process. Customers order one SKU from STORServer that includes hardware, software, installation, services and support all bundled together into one price. STORServer manufactures the backup kit to each customer’s specific requirements, pre-tests the solution and performs final configuration tasks at the customer’s site. STORServer hands-on, flexible approach is very different from other appliance vendors that typically require customers to go through 'wizards' and some amount of work as part of a self-installation process.

Can the software and hardware be sold separately for customers who have existing Commvault licenses?

STORServer will only offer an integrated backup and recovery solution, inclusive of hardware, Simpana 10 software, and support.

How can I buy STORServer appliances?

The appliances will be sold through STORServer’s network of 250 VARs in the Americas. Simpana-based STORServer appliances will available for purchase this week.

Who provides support for the STORServer appliances?

Given that appliances will be sold as an integrated solution, STORServer will act as the single point of contact for sales and support, with assistance as needed from Commvault software experts.

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