Four New Ways Committed Commvault Partners Can Grow Their Data Management Business

Posted 04/23/2014 by Bill Neill

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Customers tell us that when they manage mission critical data that their business depends on, they need reliable services from companies they can depend on. Recognizing this, Commvault has introduced enhancements to its PartnerAdvantage program that are designed to support the customer, by enabling the partner who is committed to that customer. The keys to Commvault’s partner program enhancements all focus on the 4 Cs: Commitment, Competency, Coverage and Capacity. Our solving forward focus keeps us committed to what customers and partners need. Because of that we have added new elements to the program, starting last summer with advanced certifications to allow partners to show customers their competency. We are building on that initial wave of certifications with enhanced tools, a revised tiering structure with new designation and revamped training. Let me illustrate how these enhancements can benefit both our partners and their clients.

  1. Accelerate routes to market – As part of the PartnerAdvantage FY15 program, Commvault introduced the MarketBuilder designation, which is a way to identify Partners who are aligned with Commvault’s strategy to grow market share through new routes to market. This designation signifies a higher level of commitment to building a competent, self-sufficient Commvault practice within their company. MarketBuilder partners gain access to personalized support, access to dedicated Commvault executives and exclusive tools, incentives and marketing funds to help quickly capitalize on business opportunities. We’ve seen strong interest from partners around the world and I’m excited to kick off the program with a number of partners that have already achieved MarketBuilder status.
  2. Respond quickly to requests for information - Your customer wants to talk to you in 15 minutes about data management solutions. What do you do? Commvault’s enhanced PartnerAdvantage program includes changes within Commvault, on the Web, and in our communications to help you win those data management deals with sales tools that are easy to get to, arranged by customer topic, includes references, collateral and call scripts. Check out the Solution Enablement ToolKits (SETs) on InnerVault, Commvault’s partner portal for everything you need to sell data management solutions.
  3. Architect the right technical solution – When the account team needs the storage engineer to step in to address customer challenges, our new tools can help. How much capacity do they really need? The new Software Configurator and other tools for Technical Consultants help deliver consistent answers on how much data and what kind of configuration best suits your customer.
  4. Generate leads in less time, with less cost and less work – Marketing teams are constantly being asked to deliver and drive opportunities for the sales and technical teams. (I know from personal experience!) Demand generation specialists and marketing professionals should take a look at the enhanced InnerVault to choose the resource that best fits their needs: for fastest time to launch a campaign, see our Grid Campaigns. For customizable campaigns, use the SETs with their assets and scripts to help you. If don’t see what you need, contact the Partner Marketing Concierge on the InnerVault home page to send a request for anything you need.

The success of our customers and our business depends on having partners with the coverage and bandwidth to respond quickly and deliver the value their clients are expecting. Sure, we are investing further in our partners to help them grow market opportunities. But, more important, we believe these investments will enable our partners to grow their competency and commitment as trusted data management advisors, and that’s how everyone can win.

Partners can get the latest news on our enhancements on Commvault’s news page and information on all of the latest Commvault events, partner webinars, training and tools can be found on our InnerVault calendar of events page.

We will be tweeting reminders, but you’ll want to go to InnerVault to read about them and register to attend.

Pass this along to your teammates and friends. Check this site over the next few days as we roll out quick tips sales people on the go, technical consultants who need the right answers, and marketing people who need to generate leads this quarter. And please give us feedback so we can make improvements over time.