Mobile Enterprise Data Management – More Than Just Improved Access

Posted 03/24/2014 by Commvault

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It’s no secret that today’s workforce is inherently more mobile than generations past. Recent research from a Forrester report entitled, “2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends,” revealed that almost a third of 10,000 information workers surveyed are willing to put money toward a computer of their choice, rather than a company-issued option – a sign that the pressures of feeling constantly connected and uber-productive are seeping into employees’ minds and wallets. These pressures have resulted in new paradigms for the tools mobile workers are using, including file backup, sync and sharing options. But are the popular consumer-oriented tools, such as Dropbox, in a position to effectively and securely protect and connect mobile workers to both their personal and business data?

The announcement around Dropbox for Business is certainly exciting for the storage industry, and a commendable move to improve its user experience, as well as for information workers requesting simplified access to data. Corporations want more business- and enterprise-friendly features. However, even if they are on their way, consumer-oriented file sync and share services still don’t provide some key functionalities, such as enterprise-class backup and eDiscovery.

What are some key considerations for enabling enterprise-class mobility?

  • Giving IT control over ALL data: Security issues commonly allow employees, or 'rogue users,' to use consumer accounts without IT oversight. IT needs to be able to centrally manage and back up all corporate information. If companies are going to accept the risk of allowing users to use file sync and share solutions, like Dropbox, they should consider software, such as Commvault Edge, to ensure that the business data is visible to IT and backed up.
  • Mitigating corporate risk: For eDiscovery, compliance and regulatory reasons, IT must be able to quickly search across all corporate data, including the files and documents stored with consumer-oriented file sharing services. IT needs to at least know what's out there and be able to search and discover it if required by their compliance and legal teams.

Enterprise-focused solutions, such as Commvault Edge, can protect endpoint data, provide data access and sync across multiple devices, and deliver fast data recovery when disasters occur. Our Edge solution is the key part of our Simpana software platform that provides a holistic approach to data management that meets the needs of both end users and IT departments.

Where do you see offerings such as Dropbox for Business heading? We’re open to hearing your thoughts and understanding how you think Edge can help your business do more with its data.