How Simpana VM Backup, Recovery and Cloud Management Brightens Your Cloud

Posted 09/02/2014 by Commvault

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It’s a bright, sunshiny day for virtual and cloud infrastructure thanks to the latest product breakthroughs from Commvault! Not only are we continuing our tradition of 'solving forward' by bringing new groundbreaking features to market with our latest releases that go far beyond backup & recovery, we’re also making it easier (and more cost-efficient) for you to buy our products with some additional licensing options.

First, let’s look at the licensing. We’ve heard consistently from virtual infrastructure owners that you want to be able to license Simpana® software the way you license other products for your VM environment. You asked, and we delivered. But in true Commvault fashion, we’re looking forward and providing you even more flexibility than our competitors. Now, you can purchase Commvault Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management using 'per VM' or 'per socket' licensing. More specifics on that in just a minute.

We’re also releasing some pretty exciting innovation that can be purchased as part of our virtualization & cloud solution set. While most people think of Commvault as a 'backup solution,' we’ve been working on functionality that will help you streamline your virtual environment in multiple areas. Now, it’s really more accurate to look at Commvault as a 'holistic cloud management' solution. As Jeff Wilson (a.k.a.: @agnostic_node1) put it so eloquently during Stephen Foskett’s Virtualization Field Day 3, Simpana software “is better thought of as a sort of auxiliary storage or resource manager, parallel to, but complementary of your file system, your virtual machine manager, your storage system, and yes, your old stank-ass backup software.

To us, holistic cloud management is enabling the flexibility to manage virtual machines (or cloud instances) seamlessly across multiple hypervisors and public cloud platforms and across the entire lifecycle – from VM provisioning, to management, to backup & recovery, and all the way through retirement & retention. We’ve heard from customers of all sizes that they no longer want to deploy point solutions because they usually don’t scale well, and they almost always have hidden costs beyond the initial acquisition, like SQL licenses, external dedupe appliances, additional hardware, etc. Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management can provide you all the essential functionality you receive from not only backup & recovery tools, but also from cloud management platforms.

We now have capabilities for VM provisioning and management that provide a normalized interface across VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This includes a web-based self-service console that allows end users to provision and manage their own VMs based upon administrator-defined policies that control resource consumption. You can even define expiration dates for VMs to help reduce VM sprawl.

Additionally, Commvault provides robust reporting capabilities that will provide you deep insight into the health of your virtual infrastructure and help you with tasks like capacity planning. The best part is that we collect this data in the backup process, reducing the overhead on your production environment, and we provide customizable, web-based dashboards that enhance the value of the data.

We’re also providing you the only true VM archiving solution, that allows you to identify idle or stale VMware VMs, and reclaim those resources while retaining the data in an easy-to-recover form.


However, while we’re expanding the functionality of the solution, we’re still making it easier to purchase by allowing you to buy only the functionality that you need. Then, when you’re ready to leverage other features, you can easily expand. You can purchase a base bundle that we call 'VM Backup & Recovery Foundation.' Unlike competitive VM backup products that only, well, back up VMs, our base VM Backup & Recovery Foundation offering includes metrics reporting, global deduplication, dedupe-aware replication (for WAN optimization) and instant VM recovery options*. Then you can choose to add on IntelliSnap® hardware snapshot management, self-service capabilities, and cloud storage connectors in our “Advanced Data Protection” add-on. Both of these options can be purchased on a “per VM” or “per socket.” You can also add VM Provisioning and/or VM Archiving using a “per VM” license on top of the Foundation package. It’s also important to note that all of these licenses can be used alongside traditional Commvault capacity licenses.

So, it’s easier than ever to buy the best in VM data protection, and you can get a ton of additional value, to boot. No more excuses, Virtualization Administrators! Check the How to Buy page for more product and pricing details.

*Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Commvault reserves the right to change feature sets at any time without notice, including but not limited to, deleting, substituting, or otherwise changing what features are included in a given set.

Pricing set forth herein is pricing for end users purchasing directly from Commvault, pricing may vary if purchased through a reseller or distributor.