One more thing most people KNOW they should do … but don’t always do

Posted 04/06/2015 by Commvault

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Ok, so I’m not talking about exercise or being thankful every day for our many blessings, although those are certainly things we should do. I’m just talking about backing up data – boring to some, exciting for a select few others, but necessary for everyone. In honor of World Backup Day (March 31), I thought I’d share a few tips below about backing up your data. You can check out this eWeek article by Chris Preimesberger for even more thoughts about backup.


Watch for security capabilities: There are a few things to look for when checking to see if the backup solution you're using is actually secure. Single sign-on, two-factor authentication and robust password policies are just a few examples of boxes to check off first. Don't forget to take it a step further and think about how to keep the data secure.

Don't forget the endpoints: Even with a growing amount of data residing at the edge, backing up endpoints frequently gets overlooked. Remembering to protect them will lower the risk of data loss, improve employee productivity with self-service access to backed-up data, and enable enterprise-wide search and discovery with a more comprehensive set of data.      

File sync and share (FSS) is not backup: Over the last year, the capabilities around FSS continued to improve, but backup still meets different needs such as recovery from multiple, previous points in time as well as added IT control for better data security and governance. Seeking out solutions that provide both FSS and backup can give organizations both the productivity enhancements and IT control that they desire.

Meet standards through compliance: Minimize headaches for your IT team by prioritizing data governance and compliance. Using role-based self-service preview and search and advanced compliance search can help reduce any potential problems with legal teams when it comes to backing up data.

Snapshots are great for protection, but recovery is complicated. Look for automation and integration with apps.

Data deduplication is table stakes. But compare management, scale, encryption and recoverability when choosing a solution. 

You should ALWAYS have multiple ways to access data: web, mobile, Outlook, VMware, Windows Explorer, etc.

Treat your applications as services – not servers.

Backing up and protecting your data is well worth it, just ask anyone who has ever lost valuable information – so why not start today?