Three Cool New Things in CommVault® Simpana® 10’s Latest Release

Posted 01/20/2015 by Commvault

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It’s not always easy keeping up with things around the holidays. And it’s not just the personal stuff. IT departments can get very busy with end of year reporting, budgeting and so on. And if your business is transactional, you may spend much of December dealing with a huge spike in traffic and making sure you don’t have a system meltdown at the most critical time of year.

For these reasons and more, you might have missed that a few weeks ago the hard working engineers at CommVault released a holiday stocking full of cool new features for you! We call that stocking Service Pack 9 for Simpana 10, and you can read the whole list of goodies here.

As is my usual habit, I searched for three cool new features to highlight, and it wasn’t hard to find them. Herewith, the Happy New Year version of Three Cool New Things!

Cool Thing #1: IntelliSnap software support for EMC VMAX TimeFinder VP Snapshots

People often think of Commvault and EMC as competitors, and sure we compete for certain kinds of business. But Commvault also partners with EMC and provides lots of cool snapshot support for EMC hardware. The TimeFinder VP snapshot is a snap method that allows sharing of storage resources, reducing the overall storage consumption. I’m no expert on TimeFinder, but saving storage sounds like a good idea to me.

What IntelliSnap technology brings to the table is the ability to drive TimeFinder VP snapshots without the need for complex, scripted application integration. We’ve done all that for you, and we support TimeFinder VP snaps for a host of applications, including but not limited to: DB2, Oracle, Oracle RAC, SAP Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Yup, IntelliSnap technology drives application-aware TimeFinder VP snapshots, gives you easy-to-run application-aware recovery workflows and even does snap indexing. That’s cool!

Cool Thing #2: Case Manager for Archive

If asked, “What does Commvault do?” many people would respond, “They’re a backup company.” And while we are certainly a backup company, we’re quite a lot more. For instance, Commvault offers a superior file and email archiving feature set. In fact, we were recently listed as a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving. And being a “backup company” is a big advantage as an archiving company because we can do unique things like backup and archive data in a single pass, saving all kinds of time and processing impact.

But since our engineering philosophy is to continually make a good thing better, we just released a new feature called Case Manager, which provides a great new way of using our archive data. Supporting both IT administrators as well as legal teams who are not part of the IT organization, Case Manager lets you collect data from specific sources such as laptops or emails that are owned by a particular person or group of persons. You can then search this data for relevant information using lots of search and filtering options, and then break it off from the regular data set for legal preservation purposes (for instance, turning off any deletion policies that might be on the core data set).

Making a good thing better is always cool!

Cool Thing #3: Virtual Machine Conversion into Microsoft Azure

One of the hottest topics in the virtual world is the ability to convert from one hypervisor to another, or to move things from on premises to in the cloud. In the previous Service Pack 8 release we added the ability to convert VMware machines into Hyper-V machines, and now we’ve gone one step further by letting you recover a VMware or Hyper-V backup directly into the Microsoft Azure cloud.

This really broadens the flexibility you have for recovery or migration options. Got some old VMs you don’t use that often, but you use them somewhat more often than never? Drop them into Azure! You can still run them right up in the cloud, and you’ll reduce the load on your local storage. Need to share a VM with someone in another office? Stop messing around with long file copies and recover it up to Azure. Now it’s accessible to everyone.

And there’s more. We’ve also given you VM Lifecycle Management for Azure. That means that your users can spin up Azure VMs from the Simpana Web Console, using the same consistent interface that they use to spin up local VMs on VMware or Hyper-V. Ralph Waldo Emerson may have caviled that “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” but he never had to work in an IT department where consistency is a gigantic time saver. Sorry Ralph! But to be fair, Emerson was really talking about how stubbornly sticking to old ways of thinking can be foolish. We agree. It’s time to consider how Commvault Simpana can dramatically change how you protect and manage VMs.

Want to learn more? Give our 30 day free trial a spin! Really, if you haven’t looked at Commvault for your virtualization needs lately, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The scope of Simpana features is really impressive and it goes way beyond backup and recovery. We really help you drive the most value out of your hypervisor and Cloud investments. And that’s cool!

All these cool features are available now in Service Pack 9 for Simpana 10. As always, the timing and content of any future service packs or releases, if and when available, remain in our sole discretion.