Herding Cats for Security and Risk

Posted 06/03/2015 by Commvault

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The statistics on security threats and data breaches are dizzying. The average cost of lost business is up to $3.2 million, with the average cost for each lost or stolen record increasing from $188 to $201 in 2014 [1]. Combine these eye-opening costs with the growing alphabet soup of compliance regulations and it’s time to get real. What were once isolated and occasional requests on IT to recover or discover data, now need to be a fully integrated part of an overall plan to support the business and derive the most value from information. Early, cross-functional conversations about information governance are imperative. Time to herd the cats and get the conversation started so you reduce risk and begin to extract business value with speed and scale in the face of the 21st century enterprise.

Emailgate. Target. Sony. These mega breaches made headlines and should serve as a door-opener to create a dialogue about marrying the needs of the business with an information management strategy that supports it. True, there are never-ending dependencies on data and yet far too many companies that put too much critical data in harm’s way. No one wants to become the next headline or poster child for data management missteps.

We’ll be at Gartner Security and Risk Summit, June 8-11 in the Washington, D.C. area, discussing how we can help. Whether you’re a CISO, Compliance Officer or IT professional, we have some ideas on how you can herd the cats to drive your organization’s overall governance strategy.

Commvault Booth #956
Solutions Showcase : Mine Brilliance from your Data for Compliance and Insight
June 10, 2015 (3:15-4 p.m.)

    In our session, we’ll be talking about some of the biggest challenges around compliance and security and next steps for addressing them. Some highlights will be:

  • How the proliferation of BYOD has become a big contributor to the data growth problem we are having today and why it is such a compliance nightmare.
  • Why the default strategy of “keeping everything forever” is not only driving up storage costs, but can be a smoking gun for companies who don’t know what’s in that data.
  • How automated enforcement of security and compliance policies through technology is a safer and smarter alternative to manual and homegrown processes.
  • Tips and best practices on how you can better define your compliance risk across your organization, which includes identifying who are the stakeholders and what are their unique requirements.
  • Explore what products may suit your compliance and security needs.
  • How to better leverage your information as an asset by making it findable, immutable and traceable.
  • Stimulate tough questions you may want to ask yourself, such as: “Are compliance and legal teams on board with my compliance strategy? What is my company willing to suffer though as a result of a data management misstep? What is the cost of discovery versus settling? How much would you pay to ‘make it go away?’  What about brand degradation?”

For those of you who cannot attend Gartner Security and Risk, learn about how Commvault solves complex security and risk challenges in the face of data growth and compliance mandates.

[1]Ponemon Institute