Cut the Bull and Get Some Real Sleep

Posted 10/20/2015 by Robert Brower

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It’s said over and over in the trade mags and blogs: 'Thinking about ways to optimize data center operations could be keeping you up at night.'  Duh.  Or you read, 'Do X, Y, and Z with your data center operations (or stick it in the cloud / MSP / aaS) and sleep like a baby.'  

Sure, then wake up every four hours and cry.

Your operations. You run them, now, your way; their way; and the ways described in the analyst report. You’ve met the challenge to do more with less and gone Hybrid Data Center where up to half of your vital IT Business services are outsourced. Now, it’s a mess. 

As-a-Service (aaS) inroads into data center operations have expanded the responsibilities of the CIO from managing uptime/availability to wrangling uptime/availability AND service catalogs.  As lines of business have secured third party services – be it, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, or whatever – CIOs now have service management requirements for applications both within and beyond their control. 

The business continues to crave data services that exist beyond the enclosed raised floor(s) of most IT leaders. Forrester estimates (and I agree) that by 2018, less than 50 percent of infrastructure services utilized by ANY business will live and breathe within an owned facility.


The hybrid data center has arrived, indeed. 

With flat IT spend since 2011, the outsourcing of services elements to third parties has been driven by cost or urgency.  Today, at least one third of business-critical services exist “outside,” and IT leaders who truly are doing more with less are experiencing the hangover effect of the loss of control of critical business assets – business-valuable information. Thus, good reason to wake up every four hours crying. 

It’s 2015. Do you know where your data is?

It doesn’t have to be a mess. With very broad support for public cloud providers, Commvault’s hypervisor-agnostic platform for the protection of virtual environments, and our capabilities for deep indexing of data residing in our content store, will enable you to master Shadow IT. You can  bring the data in aaS environments in from the dark and make it actionable and under control.

The value to this is manifest. Consider just a few reasons:

  1. Vendor inspection – 'I know what my aaS vendors are providing me but I need validation that what I am billed for is what I use.' Commvault can do this.
  2. Centralization of information – 'I think I know what I have with my vendors, but gathering and evaluating that information is a complex process, netting results with a shelf life measured in mere hours.' Commvault provides a single view across disparate data containers.
  3. Meaningful reporting – 'My vendor agreement does not have the reporting I need.' Your workloads across data containers outside your data center are transparent to Commvault and can be mined to generate actionable information for better decision-making and business performance.

I know I really do sleep better when I am in control of the information, which drives my business. Commvault can give you that confidence too, without any interruptions to your good night’s sleep.