Defining the New State of Recovery

Posted 10/21/2015 by Commvault

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(Don Foster is a Senior Director, Product Management for Commvault)

I’m going to say something out loud that will most likely make most shudder: No one cares about backup. What we all really care about is being able to recover our data in the event that we have to. And with the increasing amount of data, as well as tighter deadlines and more accountability, the recovery side of the equation is more complex than ever. Speed and availability are crucial in this 'always on' world.

Taking too long to recover data can negatively affect your business in a number of ways, from productivity to legal risk, both of which are very costly. Even if your organization diligently performs its backups every day that could still leave almost a day’s worth of data to recover should there be a problem. And what happens with a massive data loss that can total terabytes of data? That could take days to recover from.

Instead, consider using block-level methods with orchestrated recovery across backup data with Incremental Change Capture that dramatically reduces workload impact during data protection operations. Incremental Change Capture also provides downstream efficiencies in network and storage utilization by reading and moving only the delta blocks, and storing only the unique changed blocks.

The benefits of Incremental Change Capture are:

  • Not having to perform full backups results in lower impact on the business – as much as 90 percent less impact, compared with streaming backup.
  • The workload computing capacity typically required for backup is instead available to the needs of the business.
  • An hourly recovery point minimizes risk by reducing RPO should a failure actually occur.
  • A single copy of the data can be used for multiple purposes greatly reducing the amount of space required to store data.
  • Most important, recovery can be almost instantaneous because it doesn’t need to be restored first. In fact, because data is stored in an open format rather than in a proprietary format, data recovery can be as much as three to 10 times faster.

In an ideal world, we’d never have to worry about recovery but with natural disasters, outages, malicious attacks and legal matter, to just name a few, your success depends on being able to recover your company’s data when the occasion presents itself. Will you be able to?