• The End of 'Emailgate?'

    Posted 09/10/2015 by Bill Wohl

    On these blog pages, we’ve been discussing the implications of 'Emailgate' since the story first broke, and how it can impact enterprises that allow employees to use their own devices, but don’t have control over the data being shared through personal and work-related accounts.

  • Herding Cats for Security and Risk

    Posted 06/03/2015 by Commvault

    Commvault sets the stage for her upcoming speaking session at Gartner's Security and Risk Summit and shares insight on how you can mine brilliance from your data.

  • Learning from 'Emailgate'

    Posted 03/10/2015 by Commvault

    We explain how 'Emailgate' is just another reminder of how significant email plays in business and government, including areas like lawsuits and regulatory inquiries.

  • CommVault named a ‘Leader’ and a ‘Champion’ in Information Archiving as Customers Turn Data into Insights

    Posted 11/13/2013 by Commvault

    Gartner just published its 2013 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving and, for the first time, CommVault was named to the Leaders Quadrant. CommVault has also been named a Champion in Info-Tech Research Group’s Content and Email Archive Vendor Landscape. Find out why leading analyst firms are recognizing the value of CommVault’s singular software platform approach to info governance.

  • What’s Compliance Costing You?

    Posted 10/21/2013 by Commvault

    Controlling compliance costs continues to be one of the top priorities for the enterprise today. The challenge is the struggle to keep the right 'stuff' in the right place at the right time. Legacy solutions today turn archives into permanent storage pools and don’t address long-term retention efficiently or cost-effectively. Is there a way to balance long-term retention with bottom line economics? How much of what you’re paying to store has real business value? Are you keeping information that could pose a potential risk? What about finding the right content in real time? How much are you paying annually in long-term vaulting costs?

  • eDiscovery: A Key to Business Insight

    Posted 06/13/2013 by Commvault

    The topic of eDiscovery is certainly a hot button issue for legal and IT teams alike, from both a cost and risk perspective. The 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) amendments triggered the market hype because they broadened the scope of discoverable material to include all Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Since then, the digital landscape has changed so dramatically that the conversation has continued, with elevated intensity.

  • ACEDS: Defending Big Data

    Posted 02/01/2013 by Commvault

    We've been talking a lot about Big Data on this blog. The reason is that we are continuing to see a link between managing the Big Data growth problem in the enterprise and eDiscovery and compliance risks associated with it. While IT departments grapple with how to support complex Big Data environments, legal teams are tasked with making accommodations for Big Data in the already expensive eDiscovery process.

  • Gartner Data Center: Is Big Data Too Big to Back Up?

    Posted 12/05/2012 by Commvault

    Big Data has been a big topic of discussion at this week's Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. One thing is clear and the Gartner pundits have been hammering this home — There's a lot of untapped value in the massive amounts of data being generated, especially in the data you already have. Protecting Big Data and, more importantly, gaining insight into data that already exists are challenges as big as the data sets themselves.

  • The Company We Keep

    Posted 09/25/2012 by Commvault

    CommVault has a long history of partnering with industry leaders to help us deliver more innovative solutions to our customers. Today, I'm happy to announce another. CommVault has joined forces with the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS for short), a global network of professionals who work in the field of eDiscovery. This is an important partnership because it helps us bring the latest eDiscovery intelligence, best practices and guidance to our customers. CommVault knows that eDiscovery professionals are faced with new challenges every day, from new case law and evolving regulations to managing a variety of new content types. Every day, CommVault helps our customers evolve with this changing landscape and future proof their eDiscovery strategies against these unique challenges.