Commvault Collaborates with Microsoft to Deliver High-Performance Microsoft 365 Data Resilience

Discover how Commvault and Microsoft join forces to safeguard Microsoft 365 data against ransomware attacks. Explore their innovative solution combining Commvault's recovery capabilities and Microsoft's platform for high-performance data recovery and enhanced backup trust.

Every day across the globe, organizations use Microsoft 365 to communicate, create, and store the content that drives their businesses.  This means Microsoft 365 often houses petabytes of valuable data for many customers—data that is critical to business continuity.

Ensuring the resilience and recoverability of Microsoft 365 data

So, how do organizations ensure the safety of Microsoft 365 data, protecting it from unintentional or malicious deletion or large-scale ransomware attacks? In addition to ensuring the availability of applications and infrastructure, Microsoft is adding tools with better performance and trust to enable customers with backup.

Commvault and Microsoft engineers have collaborated to deliver a new solution that protects customers from the most devastating ransomware attacks, using the power of the Microsoft 365 platform itself, with frequent recovery points to which customers can rapidly recover files or emails that might be encrypted or destroyed. This new solution combines the best of Commvault and Microsoft technology with new capabilities for mass data recovery with very high-performance levels, backed by recovery trust from Microsoft.

Building on 27+ years of co-development

“Our product teams have been meeting regularly to ensure that Commvault and Microsoft deliver the best-combined solution to our joint customers,” said David Ngo, Chief Technology Officer, Hyperscalers, Commvault.“Together with Commvault’s current capabilities for flexible, granular recovery and air-gapped infrastructure, the integration with Microsoft 365 Backup Storage enables customers to rapidly respond to malicious attacks and get back to business with minimal disruption. We’re excited to give customers more options to protect their data from malicious attacks.”

“We are pleased to work with Commvault and eager to have customers use their enhanced solutions built on our Microsoft 365 Backup Storage to provide outstanding backup experiences for business stability and confidence,” said Jeff Teper, President, Collaboration Apps and Platforms, Microsoft.

Learn more – see the joint solution in action

At Commvault, we’re excited to pursue data protection excellence with Microsoft.  For organizations interested in seeing exactly how Microsoft 365 Backup Storage will function in a Commvault environment, click here for a walk-through demo.  In the coming weeks, we will publish additional information regarding pricing, public preview, and general availability.  For anyone interested in learning more about the integrated Commvault/Microsoft solution, email us at

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