Driving Innovation with our GSI Partners

Uncover insights from Commvault's GSI Partner Summit, addressing AI-driven cyber threats with global leaders like Cognizant, HCLTech, Infosys, and more.

Our ecosystem of partnerships play an important role in ensuring Commvault continues to be at the forefront of developing cyber resilience solutions that anticipate emerging needs while making operational and financial sense for the industries and market segments we serve. 

For this reason, Commvault gathered an elite group of senior executives, thought leaders, and security experts from the world’s leading Global System Integrators, including Cognizant, HCLTech, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro, at our inaugural GSI SHIFT Partner Summit to discuss the increasingly AI-driven cyberthreat landscape today’s enterprises face and what it means for safeguarding the data of our mutual customers. This is the first of an ongoing series of GSI Partner Summits we’re instituting. 

A shift in defending and recovering from cyberthreats

Our discussions centered on how to help organizations identify threats earlier, respond faster, and return to business as usual with minimal impact by employing AI to fight new breeds of cyberthreats. First and foremost, we all agreed that this requires organizations to shift their thinking around cybersecurity and data protection and to assume their organizations will suffer a data breach. The new norm is when it will happen, not if  it will happen. And that the best strategy to meet a cyberattack, is to have well-documented and tested processes to create a reliable, fast recovery across complex hybrid data environments.  

We brought our elite team of product leaders and technical experts to share our vision and stepped through key digital transformation use cases such as modernizing data centers, adopting cloud-first or hybrid cloud strategies, and re-platforming business-critical applications. In every scenario, underlining each use case is the fundamental need to strengthen organization’s cybersecurity postures using intelligence and automation, as well as the importance of unifying IT and Security teams operations. Our partners didn’t hold back in diving into the nuances of our innovations and challenging us with new use cases. This dialog is priceless in the shaping of our product roadmap and future innovations.

There is no greater testament to the effectiveness of our technology than the hundreds of Global 2000 enterprises that are using Commvault solutions as part of the larger business transformations that our partners are driving. We were honored to have our GSI partners take the stage to share a few case studies on how they’ve integrated our solutions into their engagements with industry giants and market leaders to deliver cyber resilience and, in most cases, lower total cost of ownership!

 At the close of our first GSI SHIFT Partner Summit we want to recognize the importance of our collaborations with global system integration partners in developing and vetting robust solutions to address the most challenging data resilience issues in innovative ways. We value all our partners’ expertise, experience, thought leadership and investment. Each has uniquely contributed to the value and industry leading position Commvault enjoys around the world and is a testament to our mutual trust and commitment. 

GSI Partner Awards

Cognizant: Rising Star GSI Partner of the Year

Cognizant’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing security and resilience in their System Integration services has set them apart.

HCLTech: Pioneering GSI Partner of the Year

HCLTech has taken a proactive approach to delivering innovative solutions and has consistently brought fresh insights and expertise to address new customer needs with their VaultNXT offering.

Infosys: Hyperscale X GSI Partner of the Year

Infosys has built one of the largest Commvault Hyperscale X reference architectures with a focus on smooth implementation and user-friendly design. Their collaboration with Commvault has resulted in numerous product enhancements.

Tata Consultancy Services: Private Cloud GSI Partner of the Year

TCS’s ability to standardize Commvault as a Service has showcased their proficiency in architecting, designing, and customizing the overall offering to client needs and has resulted in the expansion of their estate to multiple PB within a remarkably short time is nothing less than stellar.

Tech Mahindra: Transformational GSI Partner of the Year

This recognition is a testament to Tech Mahindra’s outstanding performance in successfully completing a giant project with multiple complex challenges for a renowned BFSI customer resulting in transformative data resilience.  

Wipro: Emerging GSI Partner of the Year

Wipro has established a strong presence through knowledge building, the establishment of Centers of Excellence (COE), and enabling efficient delivery. Their exceptional client wins highlight their immense potential and promising synergies with Commvault.

Individual Awards:

Nagalingam Kalingaraj: Trusted Advisor Award of Excellence

Nagalingam Kalingaraj brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of all Commvault technologies in relation to overall IT infrastructure, as a lead architect at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). His invaluable insights and guidance have played a pivotal role in securing numerous significant and complex wins in collaboration with TCS.  Commvault recognizes his trusted role in advising customers and advocating for our cyber resilience solutions.

Ramachandra Pargaonkar: Innovator Award of Excellence

Ramachandra Pargaonkar from Infosys is recognized for his exceptional contributions in generating new ideas, solutions, and approaches that have propelled Commvault to the forefront of customer preferences. His thought-provoking ideas have not only inspired innovation within our organization but have also simplified processes, minimized rework, and facilitated the development of packaged solutions.

Saurabh Rohilla & Kapil Tiwari: Catalyst Award of Excellence

Saurabh Rohilla and Kapil Tiwari from HCLTech are recognized for their exceptional ability to spark change in customers and prospects’ approach to cybersecurity and data resilience and follow through with exceptional, well-designed solutions. Saurabh and Kapil’s proactive approach and strategic positioning of Commvault solutions have acted as a catalyst for driving positive change and delivering outstanding results.  

Abhinandan Chakraborty : Trailblazer Award of Excellence

Abhinandan Chakraborty from TechMahindra, brings innovative thinking and unwavering commitment to driving positive change with our solutions. His ability to anticipate future trends, challenge the status quo, and architect solutions leveraging Commvault has resulted in multiple significant wins. He is truly a Trailblazer for Commvault.

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