Minimize the Blast Radius of Ransomware with Early Threat Detection and Diversion

Learn how Commvault Cloud's Threatwise cyber deception helps spot and divert ransomware threats early, reducing the blast radius. Discover automated best practices for quicker threat detection and protection against evolving cyberattacks.

Continuously evolving ransomware and modern cyberthreats that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) plague today’s businesses across all industries. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach 2023 Report, the average cost of a single data breach reached a new all-time high with USD 4.45 million per breach. Leaving organizations with the challenge to become cyber resilient through limiting costs associated with ransomware.

Stop the Threat from Spreading

Rather than the businesse’s decision to pay a ransom or not, your company’s cyber resilience relies on its capability to remediate and recover from a breach. Data protection takes up a critical role in this effort that ensures the business can operate by evaluating and testing clean points, standing up safe environments, recovering backed up data sets, and continually protecting and testing data in air-gapped instances. Meanwhile, the scope of necessary recovery efforts per incident widely varies and increases over time, making the ability to discover threats early, react sooner, and minimize how much needs to be recovered.

According to Sophos’ The State of Ransomware 2023 report, two-thirds of organizations reported being hit by ransomware in 2023. With increasing damages year over year, conventional methods for threat detection are missing the mark to protect companies’ crown jewel: data. So how does the Commvault Cloud spot malicious activity quicker to minimize the blast radius and stop the threat from spreading?

See Threats Sooner

Threatwise cyber deception detects threats fast as bad actors move laterally across production environments in the search for your data. Indistinguishable threat sensors blanket the path to critical data instances setting up trip wires that trigger alerts upon first touch while staying invisible to legitimate users. Gathering in-depth threat intelligence data, every step of the threat actor is monitored and fed into existing security tools to surface used tactics, techniques, and procedures. By taking an inward-out approach that spots both external and internal malicious activity targeting business data, Threatwise unveils threats sooner. This allows key IT and security stakeholders to identify and remediate breaches the moment they happen and divert attacks to interact with deceptive assets instead of real machines.

Automated Best Practices Built-in

Thanks to the Commvault Cloud telemetry, Threatwise Advisor reduces the cognitive load for users by continuously monitoring data protection workflows in backup environments and recommending optimal sensor placement that further hardens critical environments. In the near future, Threatwise Advisor will take it a step further by notifying the Commvault backup environment which assets are at significant risk based on malicious activity detected by threat sensors. The unified control provided by the Commvault Cloud allows backup protection admins to take proactive steps along the lifecycle of the data, making sure backups stay clean, available, and recoverable at all times.

Start protecting your data sooner to build true cyber resilience and limit the burden of remediation and recovery across your hybrid environment. For more information on how to guard your organization against AI-driven attacks, read this blog post.

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