Commvault Cloud Platform Release 2024: True Cyber Resilience for the Hybrid Enterprise

Learn more about how Commvault Cloud Platform Release 2024 brings new features and capabilities to enhance cyber resilience for hybrid enterprises.
Discover the latest enhancements and capabilities to elevate your cyber resilience and data protection strategy.

At Commvault, we’re reducing the cost and complexity of protecting your business. In December, we shared some exciting news about the availability of key features of Commvault® Cloud. But that’s not all! We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Commvault Cloud Platform Release 2024 – our latest release packed with new capabilities and services to meet the needs of today’s hybrid enterprise.

Unlock the Power of Your Data: Unify, Protect, Manage

Platform Release 2024 introduces the latest enhancements to the Commvault Cloud console, eliminating time-consuming manual processes and multiple dashboard reviews through unified management, real-time insights, and consolidated data views – all in one convenient location.

This new approach enables you to easily configure and manage global policies, groups, and permissions in one place. Rapidly deploy them across your entire environment to optimize and unify your configuration management.

Uncover and Eliminate Cyberthreats Sooner – Before Data Is Compromised

An important part of Cyber resilience strategy is discovering and preventing threats. Building on the existing early-warning technology of our Threatwise capabilities, Platform Release 2024 introduces Threatwise Advisor, which continuously assesses workloads in the backup environments to intelligently recommend what decoy sensors to configure and where.

These new capabilities help to simplify the configuration process, reduce deployment time, and minimize the manual processes needed by identifying crucial machines and services. Users can easily and rapidly add detection layers to their production environments around these data sets to provide optimal protection for their most valuable assets.

AI-driven real-time predictive threat analysis

Malware is constantly evolving, and dynamically changing, making it more difficult to detect. Zero-day and polymorphic AI-driven malware can go undetected and remain dormant for days at a time, while backups are continuous. Infected files can end up within the backup, causing a false sense of safety while impacting the ability to recover cleanly. Platform Release 2024 introduces Threat Scan Predict, which takes our existing capabilities to the next level by leveraging AI-driven threat detection and prediction capabilities to identify potentially nefarious files within the backup content.  This provides higher levels of efficacy at detecting zero-day and AI type threats within backups and minimizes the risk of reinfection during data recovery.​

Simple, secure, and rapid recovery of applications​ into an on-demand cleanroom

CISOs are responsible for ensuring their organization is well-prepared to handle cyberattacks and their aftermath. However, recovery readiness and testing can be complex tasks rarely carried out successfully, often due to resource constraints. This puts reliable recovery, readiness, and resilience at risk.

Our new Cleanroom Recovery service for VMs provides a safe and isolated environment where organizations can test their cyber recovery plans without disrupting production systems. This environment allows organizations to identify and address plan gaps before an attack occurs. The cleanroom environment can also be used for forensic analysis of known infected systems, which helps organizations understand the root cause of an attack and take necessary steps to prevent future incidents. And when an incident does happen, our service offers a safe recovery to a cleanroom in the cloud, regardless of the source environment, with any-to-any portability.

Bolster your cyber resilience with Commvault’s latest security integrations

Commvault has partnered with cybersecurity company Netskope to enhance customers’ security posture. This partnership helps customers quickly identify and respond to potential threats by providing combined insights and visibility. Customers can enrich their security insights by integrating Commvault Cloud’s anomaly insights into Netskope Cloud Threat Exchange. SecOP’s teams can correlate existing threat intelligence with these anomaly insights, driving proactive protective actions. Additionally, customers receive threat intelligence from Netskope, such as servers that have been compromised with threat activity. These insights are displayed in Commvault’s Security IQ dashboard, empowering customers to take protective actions and ensure recoverable data.

Security teams face the challenge of responding as quickly as possible to security events to minimize the impact of cyber threats. By leveraging threat insights from DarkTrace, customers can view protected servers that are impacted on Commvault’s Security IQ dashboard. This helps inform users of potential risks to backup assets, enabling proactive measures like Threat Scanning to safeguard data and enable recoverability.

New Dell Hardware Options for Commvault Cloud HyperScale X Appliances

With the introduction of our new Dell backup appliances, we are thrilled to offer you increased flexibility and choice in protecting critical information. Customers can choose from a range of HyperScale X Appliance hardware vendors, enabling you to customize your solution according to your specific requirements and budget while leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Dell customers can now have the HyperScale X Appliance experience on the same hardware used in their existing IT data centers with more solutions to cater to a wide range of needs, capacities, and preferences.

Expanded Commvault Cloud SaaS Capabilities – Coming Soon

On top of these new features, we will also be expanding our comprehensive support for SaaS capabilities in the following areas from mid-March:

  • Threat Scan support for Files: Threat Scan for SaaS now supports Files to enable you to securely recover data as quickly as possible by identifying malware, encrypted content, and vulnerable data. This provides safe recovery options to recover clean data and avoid reinfection by accidentally restoring malicious files.
  • Risk Analysis support for M365: Risk Analysis for SaaS supports M365, offers a better way to secure and defend your M365 data by making it easy to systematically discover, classify, and protect dark and sensitive data, empowering a proactive defense against data breaches and helping you meet your compliance requirements.
  • Auto Recovery for VMs: Auto Recovery as a service for VMs delivers secure, automated recovery at scale to help you quickly and securely recover VM workloads from disasters with minimal data loss and downtime.

These are just a few of the amazing features we have in Platform Release 2024. You can learn more about the latest features:

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