Need a Roadmap for Protecting Your Entire Data Estate? It’s an essential ingredient to combat today’s world of bad actors

Check out the partnership between Commvault and Microsoft and learn more about how you can protect your entire data estate – wherever your data resides.

25 years of Microsoft + Commvault co-engineering will be highlighted at Microsoft Ignite, with a focus on a single & easy-to deploy solution for business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

In a recent conversation with a long-time customer, their comments on the current state of backup and recovery (or data protection as it’s more commonly referred to) pretty much sums it up: “All of a sudden, it’s the most important thing to everyone in the organization – and it’s no longer boring!” 

With bad actors finding new ways to get to your data, combined with pressure from the highest levels of every organization to ensure that data is protected and recoverable when bad things happen, the focus on protecting data is undeniable. Agility and the ability to stay one step ahead are keys to success.

At Microsoft Ignite, running October 12th – 14th, the partnership between Commvault and Microsoft will be on full display, showcasing the over two decades of proven best practices we’ve leveraged into a powerful solution running on Azure. A single solution, the Commvault and Microsoft offering protects your entire data estate – wherever your data resides – providing the confidence you need to innovate faster while ensuring you won’t have to manage and maintain multiple solutions.

If you’re challenged to solve these five data challenges, be sure to take in all Ignite has to offer:

Beat bad actors at their own game—deceive the deceivers

Metallic, Commvault’s Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering, takes protecting data from ransomware threats beyond recoverability, with the introduction of ThreatWise™. Think of it as your early warning system. It’s another industry-first from Commvault, as we deliver patented cyber deception to uncover, deceive, and detect zero day and unknown threats the moment a ransomware attack begins – before your data is compromised.

Meeting you wherever you are on your cloud journey

Your cloud journey is unique – and you have unique needs. Commvault provides the flexibility you need, regardless of where you are on your cloud journey. We protect and manage all your data with a single solution that spans across on-prem, hybrid cloud, and SaaS. We’ll help you drive simplicity, which will help you reduce costs and complexity.

Confidence of knowing no matter what the workload, you’re cloud ready

Commvault’s industry leading workload coverage – across Microsoft applications, databases, and beyond – allows you to accelerate your cloud journey. Whether you’re looking to take your first workloads to Azure or your mission critical workloads to Azure (from Oracle to SAP HANA – even your industry-specific applications and Azure PaaS databases), Commvault enables you to move, protect and use your data, providing the peace of mind and agility you need. 

Seamless path to SaaS – the future of holistic data protection and data mobility

Driven by a combination of pandemic priorities and ransomware realities, the move to SaaS is on. According to major analysts, it will soon be the dominant data protection deployment option. Metallic DMaaS can help you comprehensively safeguard data while lowering costs and eliminating the need for specialized cloud skills. With Metallic, built on proven Commvault technology, your path to DMaaS is simplified and seamless, enabling you to plan how quickly and completely you move to the cloud, while providing one interface and a single view of your data through the Commvault/Metallic Command Center. Yes, the future of data protection is here now – and only from Commvault.

Explore Commvault and Metallic at Ignite

Use Ignite to see Commvault and Metallic in action. Don’t miss the on-demand session, “Modern BCDR with Metallic DMaaS and Azure,“ featuring the exceptional CTO duo of Dave Totten (Microsoft) and David Ngo (Metallic). It’s a conversation designed to help you solve your biggest BCDR challenges and future-proof your data protection. You can access the session here. If you’d like to meet with us at Ignite in Seattle or request a virtual demo, you can do so here.

Register today for Commvault Connections 2022 to learn more about the power of Commvault and Microsoft. Until then, we’ll see you at Ignite!

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